Hi I am from Houston texas,
I am just wanted to look for infromation on some of the islad guys!! There names are rubio,peter,giovanni,raul,teddy, loidy,keith,pablo,hueberto,alfonz. I am have been to Belize twice with my church on a mission trip. I just wanted to make sure all of them are safe. ALso wanting to make sure all the little kids are safe to. We do a vaction bible camp on the island. If anyone has a ny infromationonthem that would be great. Also want to make sure that the carpenter family who are missionaries down in San Pedro they live on a boat are okay.Also checking to see if The Leslies and Nunez family and all the kids are alright. We are praying for them and infromatuion would be great thanks so much!!!! email me at:[email protected]