From Hugh in Belmopan….

The official Wet season -

One criterion for the onset of the rainy season is two consecutive days of rainfall accumulation of 30 mm or more, and four of the following seven days are rain days of 1 mm rainfall accumulation or more.

Or put simpler, over 31mm ( 1ź") Rain in a Week.

Perhaps Dry season, is less than 2.5mm ( 0.1" ) Rain in a Week.

If that is so, then we are now in the Dry Season, as I have now Recorded a total of 0.0mm Rain over the last 7 Days.

Typically we get about 50 - 55mm, <2mm /day Av. ( 0.07" ) in March and April.and the first half of May.

[ >1mm ( 0.04" ) is classified worldwide as a Rain day ]