I didn't see what Ernie wrote - I presume it was way more than just zzzzzz which I also wrote and got also got deleted, which mildly pissed me off.

However if there's to be censure I feel this whole thread should probably go and if not Katie should be equally vetoed too. Katie has continually attacked harassed and it seems to me tried a one woman band to incite violence or at a minimum stir up a brouhaha for Bill. Against a man who has been here 30 odd years and many judge for what he is here not what he was in the US. Live and let live. We are in a democracy and people are allowed to have views that are within the law but abhorrent to some. They are also allowed to move on from mistakes they made and rebuild.

Pretty disgusted at some here for their own bigotry as it seems this place is a bunch of pussies right now.

To those that think this board may affect tourism or if people might not visit or reply get a life and grow up. Life throws people together and most that were born or moved here, live or love here are hardy and not your average Shrinking Violet. They're are probably expressive and outgoing and confident in themselves. That equals discussion, banter and sometimes arguments. Forums continually have people who have different view points and they clash. Get over it. If you think this is bad go visit some other forums - I read two others one Football (the real football) and one poker - this one is girls wet blouses in comparison.

It's far from all bad but sadly I think I'm done.