It usede to be to become a resident of Belize you needed peopel to vouch for your character. Fom where you came from and here in Belize. Three Belizeans. You also needed a police report from your hometown. You also need a statement from your police chief that you were a person of "high character". I guess he got all this 20 yeaars ago by people who did not really know him or lied. No that the Home Office knows about this guy his file should be reviewed. Period. Too bad but tuff luck...immigrants were to be of high standard. That was the standard. Not how much money in your account. You could start anew here with modest means. Belize does not want gay people. Nor racists that promoted violence. Belize does not want ex-convicts either. Time to pack up Bill. Justice Hugo Black spent his life actively trying to make amends for his KKK membership. From the bench he wrote that he knew about police brutality because he was a prosecutor in Alabama and knew what went on in those southern courthouses. If Bill had been here for twenty years using his mind sweat and money to foster a color blind Belize it would have gone along way to his repentance. Bye Bill.