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$$$22 Million More for Teachers and Public Officers - PLUS Salary Adjustment!!!
Hon. Prime Minister Barrow will introduce the General Revenue Appropriation Bill 2014 on Friday, March 7, and will be asking members of the House of Representatives to approve a $22 million increase for salaries to public servants. The negotiating teams of the Government of Belize and Unions agreed on a formula for a salary increase for public officers in fiscal year 2014/2015. The salary increase is based on the amount of increased revenue collected in the fiscal year 2013/2014 as compared to 2012/2013. Fifty percent of every additional dollar in revenue would be allocated to the salary increase of public officers. The last meeting Prime Minister Barrow held with union leaders was on Thursday, January 30, in which they were updated on the performance of the economy and revenue collection. After that meeting, Prime Minister Barrow shared publicly that the figures were showing the public officers and teachers would get no less than a 4-percent salary increase from revenues collected.

Francis Begs, Kevin Squanders
The Leader of the Opposition is these days floating about from media house to media house trying to convince the Belizean people that the PUP-controlled municipalities are being unfairly treated. He claims that no development is taking place in these municipalities because the Government is not helping them out. He could not be more wrong. Every single municipality is getting more than its fair share of resources to improve conditions for residents, the only difference is that because the PUP-controlled municipalities cannot be trusted with finances, these are being channeled through the Ministry of Works. And there is great reason for the PUP municipalities to not be trusted. There is absolutely no financials available for Dangriga and Punta Gorda and the Orange Walk financials paint a picture of a town administration more interested in personal enrichment than in community development.

Millions More for Municipalities’ Jobs/Infrastructure Project
The Government of Belize is allocating almost $10 million to Belize City for Phase II of the Belize City Council’s Infrastructure Project and at least $2.5 million to all other municipalities. Belize City will be the first to benefit from Government’s newest municipal development initiative. Prime Minister Barrow says the innovative approach to governance by Mayor Darrell Bradley has made it an easy decision to allocate Government’s support behind the City Council’s initiatives. PM Barrow says, “The absolutely splendid job that has been done so far, the way this city has been transformed, these are things that obliged the Central Government to partner with the Mayor and his City Council in trying to move things forward.” Mayor Darrell Bradley thanked Prime Minister Barrow for the support he has shown and continues to show. Bradley says, “There will be a different city in the next 2 years. The city that my son grows up in will not be the city that I grew up in and by the time the next election rolls around we [would be able to declare] that every single primary street, streets which connects people from one area or neighborhood of Belize City, would have been concreted." Bradley says the funds will be used to concrete 35 primary streets. Those include 14 on the Southside of Belize City and 20 on the North side. Polling started at 10 in the morning and carried on until 5 in the evening with a constant stream of residents making their way to the polling rooms to cast their ballots. They came from as far as Gales Point Manatee and by the time the convention was ended, 2,015 residents had voted. Beverly Castillo easily secured a victory receiving 961 votes. Michael Hutchinson received 502 votes while Dean Samuels received 353 votes. Emroy Castillo received 153 votes and Francis Lizama received 19 votes; 28 ballots were spoilt.

20,000 Strong Women Empowerment Rally
The goal of the 20,000 Strong Women's Empowerment Rally is to empower and inspire women to claim our rightful space as equal partners in the development of our country. The event will serve to celebrate who we are, our contribution to development and our journey as Belizean women. The Rally will feature women speakers from the banking sector, private sector, education sector and past elected representatives: all women who have distinguished themselves as leaders in their fields of work. It is very disappointing that the Roman Catholic Church is attempting to ascribe extraneous motives to this event that is intended simply to honor and uplift women. This rally signals the start of a series of other activities to empower women and provide opportunities for them to realize their full potential. Partnership and unity have always been core values of our approach and we will remain open to genuine dialogue and working with the church to empower women in our society. Let us stand together to embrace our womanhood, champion our accomplishments and chart the course forward!

Anyone Else
After the ruling by the Chief Justice on Monday March 3 which directed the Commissioner of Police to effect an investigation into the Penner passport issue, the PUP promptly declared that this was a victory for both the Opposition and for Fonseca personally. Thereafter we were treated to a string of interviews where several PUP personalities and other microphone addicts expressed their “virtuous” opinions on the matter. Let us delve at little deeper into this recent development. I had previously indicated in this column that I think Penner has been sufficiently reproved and humiliated by his own Party and is presently a political exile. The UDP Party Leader has openly said that Penner will never again represent the United Democratic Party and his name will forever be linked with underhandedness.

San Pedro Tigersharks and Cayo Western Ballaz leads in Elite Basketball League Competition
The 2014 Elite Basketball League Competition continued over the weekend with three games across the country. san pedro tiger sharks.jpg - 73.54 KbOn Friday, February 28, 2014, at the Andres Campus Stadium in Corozal Town, the home team the Corozal Heat picked up its first win of the Elite Basketball Campaign when it defeated the visiting Belmopan Point Bandits by the score of 67-54. The top scorers for the Corozal Heat were Jason Daly with 16 points, 4 rebounds, and 5 assists; Geovanni Lennan with 12 points, 7 rebounds, 1 assist and 2 steals; and Kenroy Roca also with 12 points, 3 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 steal.

Ron Vasquez wins Spanish Lookout Course
The Cycling Federation of Belize held its Second Hills Circuit event on Sunday, March 2, 2014. The Cycling Federation utilised the Spanish Lookout Course for this event. At the end of the course in the Open Elite category, it was Ron Vasquez of Western Spirit that captured first place. The second rider to cross the finish line was Henry Moreira of Predators, third place went to Oscar Quiroz of Western Spirit, fourth place went to Liam Stewart of Benny’s Megabytes, and fifth place went to Joel Borland of BTL Cycling. In the junior category, the first rider to cross the finish line was Kieron Robateau of BECOL Uprising and he was followed by Zahir Figueroa also of BECOL Uprising, third place went to Zamir Guerra of Cayo High Roads Cycling Club.

Ladyville Technical High School upsets Nazarene High School
The Central Region Secondary Schools Softball Competition is fast winding down at Rogers Stadium with the commencement of the playoffs. On Tuesday, March 4, in the second game of the female playoffs, Gwen Lizarraga High School defeated Wesley College by the score of 15-4. The winning pitcher was Ashley Lucas and the losing pitcher was Breanna Meighan. | In the second game of the male playoffs, Wesley College defeated Gwen Lizarraga High School by the score of 16-15. The winning pitcher was Devon Tillett and the losing pitcher was Devontae Middleton.

Thousands of Women Expected to Gather at Marion Jones Stadium
The Special Envoy for Women and Children, Kim Simplis-Barrow and the National Women’s Commission are organizing a rally the likes that have never been seen before in Belize on Thursday, March 6. Next year, will make it 20 years since the first world conference on women was held in Beijing, China in 1995 and the organizers of the rally are preparing to host 20,000 women at the Marion Jones Stadium to launch a march towards 2015. According to Anne-Marie Williams, Executive Director of the National Women’s Commission, the 20,000 Strong Women Empowerment Rally is “an opportunity for women to come out and become aware of their collective power.” Buses will roll into Belize City from across the country for a rally scheduled to start at 10 a.m. Belize City women will meet at the Memorial Park at 8 a.m. and parade over to the Marion Jones Stadium with marching bands. The parade will move through the streets of North Side Belize City from the Memorial Park, along the Marine Parade Boulevard unto Newton Barracks into Princess Margaret Drive and conclude at the stadium, where Belize City women will join ladies from all corners of the country.

Ministry of Education explains why Rhaburn Ridge school was closed
The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports views with grave concern the continued operation of the Hope SDA Christian Academy, located in the village of Rhaburn Ridge in the Belize District despite the fact that approval of a licence to operate the school was not granted. In July, 2012 the school Management of the Belize Union of Seventh Day Adventists submitted an application for a licence to operate a school in the village of Rhaburn Ridge in the Belize District. The Education Rules, 2000 (Rule 11 (1)) requires that an application for a licence to operate a school be submitted 16 months prior to the proposed opening of the school.

Social Investment Fund appoints new Executive Director & Public Relations Officer
The Board of Directors of Social Investment Fund is pleased to announce the appointment of the new Executive Director, Mr. William Lamb, and Public Relations Officer, Mr. Selwyn King with effect March, 2014. Mr. Lamb is an Engineer by profession with more than 25 years. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, with Honors in Structural Engineering from Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom in 1995, and a Diploma in Structural Engineering from the College of Art, Science & Technology, Kingston, Jamaica, 1990. Mr. Lamb served as Project Manager and Site Engineer for the expansion of the Philip Goldson International Airport Terminal Building and for the construction of the new San Ignacio Hospital as well as provided technical advice on all Engineering aspect of JEBCO’s construction works. His last tenure was Project Manager for US$10.5M project at the Belize Water Services Ltd.

Third Spanish Lookout Commercial Expo held
Belize’s third Spanish Lookout Expo was held on Friday and Saturday of last week at the 100- acre Country Side Park in Spanish Lookout. Thousands of Belizeans from around the country came to learn about what businesses from Spanish Lookout have to offer to the rest of the Country. “It really is just to get a lot of businesses to have a venue to showcase their products and services and also for the Belizean people to come and visit Spanish Lookout to see what the business community has to offer,” says Norman Dueck, the Director of the Business Chamber in Spanish Lookout and who was responsible for organizing the two day event. With over one hundred companies showing up for last weekend’s Expo, the Spanish Lookout community has once again laid a welcoming mat for visitors to have an exciting time with Belize’s most productive sectors.

2013 Tourism Statistics
The final figures for the 2013 tourism year are in, and we are happy to report that Belize’s Overnight and Cruise arrivals are up! Last year, Belize recorded 223,510 in PGIA arrivals. March 2013 saw the highest tourist arrivals at the Philip Goldson International Airport (PGIA) with 28,623 visitors; this is a 10.2% increase in comparison to March 2012. The month with the largest increase in 2013 was August, with a 10.5% increase when compared to August 2012. While there were 3% decreases for April and September, overall PGIA arrivals are up 5.5%. Preceded by a decrease in cruise arrivals in 2011 and 2012, 2013 saw an increase in cruise visitors to Belize. Overall, Cruise passenger arrivals grew by 5.7%. August 2013 saw the largest increase in cruise arrivals, with a 30.2% increase over August 2012. Belize recorded the highest cruise arrivals in January 2013 with 102,871 visitors, which is a 19.4% increase over January 2012. In 2013, a total of 677, 350 cruise passengers visited Belize.

Eulogy for Lionel Lincoln Robert Welch
Lionel Lincoln Robert Welch was born on the 3rd December 1950 in Gales Point Village to Mr. Lincoln Welch and Mrs. Emma Cattouse. On Sunday, 16th February 2014 he left Damion, Shanna, Keisha, Diedra and Franlina to remember his passing. He was the beloved and only child of his Mother and is survived by his siblings Natalie, Jacqueline and Stephen Welch. Nel! A child well Loved Lionel attended St. Augustine Anglican Primary School where he excelled and transitioned to St. Michael’s College for his secondary Education. This all-boys school helped in shaping and moulding this boy into the man we all came to know as Nel. Many of his friends recall his earlier years as a good sprinter and they recall the many bicycle races from this Cathedral back to Michael’s after attending compulsory mass along with St. Hilda’s. His friendship with Cushin Neal, and Desho Rock ignited his interest in weight lifting and he became an avid body builder. His interest and love for football was already kindled but, back then, only the bigger boys caught the school team, so he collaborated with Albert Arnold and other friends and organized an informal football team called ‘Ramblers’, which later ventured into Second Division competitions in Belize City. Sorry FC Belize you were not his first football team!!!! For the record, his squad was always beaten by the “Braves”, a team from Fisher Waterside area that was considered inferior by all his players. His initial sojourn with football was arrested by his departure to UWI.

“Fused Response 2014”
The Government of Belize and the Government of the United States of America have approved a joint Belize Defence Force/U.S. Military training exercise to take place here from March 5 to 14. The exercise, titled “Fused Response 2014” will be conducted by the Belize Defence Force, along with members of the U.S. Armed Forces. The training events will be held in the Cayo District and in the San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. The joint training exercise, in which approximately 500 military personnel from both countries will participate, is aimed at improving the interoperability of the participating forces and increasing their capacity to confront common threats, such as organized crime and illicit trafficking. The Belize Defence Force, U.S. Southern Command and Special Operations Command South conduct military activities every year, which keep them updated on the advances in the areas of military operations, readiness, and the mutual interaction between both militaries. Observers to the exercises will include military personnel from Canada and Brazil.

CJ tells Compol to investigate Penner
Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin has ordered that Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie must commence an investigation against former Minister of State Elvin Penner for his connection to the fraudulent passport issued to South Korean, Won Hong Kim. The court has found that Whylie acted irrationally, unreasonably and unlawfully when he exercised his discretion to try to save resources on an inquiry he believe would not yield fruitful results. The hearing for the Writ of Mandamus was held on Friday, February 28, where Senior Counsel Edwin Flowers, Anthony Sylvester and Kareem Musa represented Opposition Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca in his claim against the Commissioner Whylie. It has been widely reported that Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow required Elvin Penner to resign as a Minister of State in the Immigration Department for his role in the passport scandal where international fugitive Won Hong Kim ended up with a Belizean passport while in jail. Penner sent an email a few days later explaining how he pushed the documents through to get the passport for Kim, whom he says he was duped by.

Inaugural Meeting - Belize/Guatemala Administrative Commission
The inaugural meeting of the Belize-Guatemala Administrative Commission was convened last Friday 28th February, 2014 at the George Price Centre in Belmopan, between a high level delegation of trade and other officials representing the Government of Belize and an official delegation from the Republic of Guatemala. Mr. Michael Singh, Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Trade, Investment Promotion, Private Sector Development and Consumer Protection, welcomed the Guatemalan Delegation Headed by Vice Minister Maria Luisa Flores Villagran. CEO Singh reaffirmed the Government of Belize’s strong interest and commitment to maintaining formal trade relations between Belize and Guatemala with Belize serving as an important conduit for trade with CARICOM. Vice Minister Flores Villagran recognized the importance of establishing the Administrative Commission and reiterated commitments from the Government of Guatemala.

PUP do not support women
The Prime Minister's Wife, Kim Simplis-Barrow has taken on the task of bringing to the forefront many social issues that generally linger in the back of the minds of Belizeans. She has single-handedly been able to inspire cancer survivors, being a survivor herself. She has been able to bring forth to discussion tables, issues of persons with different abilities. She has even championed the cause to ensure that every child has an identity by doing birth registration drives across the country. Now, she is taking on the task of highlighting the importance of women in Belizean society, with a 20,000 woman march scheduled for Thursday March 5. The importance of such a cause can never be second guessed as women from all walks of life will be participating.

Adolphus Palacio and Callin Castillo Charged with Arm Robbery
Adolphus Palacio, 19, and 20-year-old Collin Castillo, both residents of La Democracia, are in jail after they were remanded on a charge of armed robbery upon 18-year-old Priscilla Wagner on Friday, February 28. Wagner reported to police that at about 2:30 p.m. on Friday, February 28, she was walking down the Coastal Road after exiting a bus at the junction with the highway when two dark complexion males rode past her very slowly and watched her in a suspicious manner. According to Wagner, one of the men, who was tall and had a gold tooth, turned back and snatched her chain as he rode from behind. The other man, who she described as muscular and short, pointed a firearm at her and demanded that she hand over her purse. The men took a white Samsung Galaxy S3 cell phone valued at $1,486; a gold chain valued $800; a brown purse valued $150 and containing $60 cash; a key value $50 and a flash drive value $80, a total of over $2,600.

Miss Bev takes Rural Central
The Phillip Goldson Highway in front of the Our Lady of the Way primary school in Ladyville took on an air of festivity and combustion that is brought on during a general election. But it was no general election on Sunday as Beverly Castillo, Emroy Castillo, Michael Hutchinson, Francis Lizama and Dean Samuels gave it their all to become the next UDP Standard Bearer for the Belize Rural Central Constituency. Polling started at 10 in the morning and carried on until 5 in the evening with a constant stream of residents making their way to the polling rooms to cast their ballots. They came from as far as Gales Point Manatee and by the time the convention was ended, 2,015 residents had voted. Beverly Castillo easily secured a victory receiving 961 votes. Michael Hutchinson received 502 votes while Dean Samuels received 353 votes. Emroy Castillo received 153 votes and Francis Lizama received 19 votes; 28 ballots were spoilt.

Fort George has new Standard Bearer
The Fort George Constituency held a convention to select a new Standard Bearer for the United Democratic Party on Saturday, March 1. While the numbers were not as impressive as other conventions held across the country, it was not less a sweet victory for Belize City Councilor Roger Espejo who has been holding on to the constituency as caretaker for the past two years. At the end of polling at the Holy Redeemer Parish Hall, Roger Espejo had received 268 votes, his competitor, William Schnarr received 190 votes and 15 ballots were spoilt. There were a total of 475 persons who cast their ballots.

Loans Available for Businesses Interested in Exporting
Hundreds of thousands of dollars are available for Belizean business owners interested in hitting the export market. The Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) launched an export program in Belize on Wednesday, March 5. IIC is collaborating with the Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) to introduce FINPYME Export Plus to Belizean entrepreneurs. The IIC is the investment arm of the Inter-American Development Bank, which deals with private sector lending. The launch on Wednesday is the start of a series of workshops aimed at assisting local business owners to access international markets by addressing certification requirements, improving operations and management processes.

Uplifting Conch Shell Bay
Through the efforts of councilor Philip Willougby residents of the Conch shell Bay area in Belize City, received a visit by a high powered delegation of key players who will be able to make a difference in the lives of the residents there. On Wednesday morning, Mayor Darrell Bradley; Bishop of the Anglican Diocese, Philip Wright; President of the Council of Churches, Roosevelt Papaloute; Commissioner of Lands, Wilbert Vallejos; Director of Hand in Hand Ministries, Bernard Panton and Councilor Willoughby himself, did a walk-through of the area. According to Mayor Bradley, the city council through the efforts of Willoughby did a site assessment to look at the conditions in the area and see how the residents can be assisted. Willoughby says that the players were brought together after he had a meeting with the residents three weeks ago and they brought up concerns that they would like addressed. Among those concerns is the issue of land where tenure of some of the residents need to be addressed. Another key issue was that of the poor living conditions.

Six Traffic fatalities in March
For the month of March 2014, which has just begun, six persons around the country died because of injuries suffered from traffic accidents. Because of the alarming spikes in accidents on the Northern Highway in the Jurisdiction of the Ladyville Police, the Rural Executive Officer, who commands the formation has, said that they will step up their efforts to try to prevent traffic mishaps. -

Freezone heist suspects caught
Corozal Police have charged four men for the brazen armed robbery, which happened in the Commercial Free Zone, that netted the thieves $208,000. Corozal residents 26 year-old Hector Kelly and 18-year-old Brandon Myers were charged with robbery, while Israel Rancharan was charged with conspiracy to commit robbery. All three were arraigned in Magistrate’s Court on Monday, March 3, where they were granted bail of $20,000. On Friday, February 28, 21 year-old Benigno Loria of San Andres Village was charged and arraigned for conspiracy to commit robbery.

Lenny Benguche Gets 10 years for Shooting Ex-Girlfriend
Lenny Bennett Benguche, 27, is now serving a ten-year sentence after he was convicted of maim on Friday, February 21. On January 29, 2008, 21-year-old Christina Zetina was shot in the left foot by Benguche while riding her bicycle in Ladyville Village. Benguche is Zetina’s ex-boyfriend and she was in the company of her new boyfriend, Kareem Young, at the time of the shooting. Five months after the injury, Zetina’s leg had to be amputated due to an infection. Benguche was arrested and charged with attempted murder and maim. In June 2010, a 9-member jury found him not guilty of attempted murder but they were deadlocked on the charge of maim. Therefore, a retrial was ordered for the charge of maim.

Ryan “Lippo” Alvarez accused of Pulling Gun on Uncle
Ryan Alvarez, also known as “Lippo”, is behind bars after he was accused of threatening his uncle with a handgun. 49-year-old Dwight Alvarez told police that he and his nephew, Ryan’s brother, were engaged in an argument when Ryan intervened and told his uncle that he won’t let anyone take advantage of his brother. According to Dwight, Ryan then went behind the yard of their family house, located on Supaul Street, and came back with a 9 mm pistol. Dwight said Ryan pointed the gun at him and, fearing for his life, he walked away and went to report the matter to police. Police arrested and charged Ryan Alvarez with one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Nurse caught with stolen items
A stolen item at the San Ignacio Hospital has been successfully recovered by Police. According to a press release issued today by the Police Department, on the 13th of February 2014, Doctor Guillermo Rivas, 53-year-old Medical Officer at the San Ignacio Community Hospital reported to Police that sometime around midday he was in the maternity ward section of the hospital where he returned a few minutes later because he had forgotten his white in color Samsung brand Tablet with a black casing valued at $800.00 and discovered it missing. As a result Police visited the Hospital and conducted searches on personnel working at the time but nothing was found. An investigation was launched into the matter as it was then learnt that this was not the first time that items have been stolen from the facility, yet no report was made. Hence the reason Police exhausted all efforts to recover the missing tablet.

Wanted American Fugitive arrested in Belize
Cody Safadago, 42, is wanted in the United States for leaving the country while out on bail for spousal abuse. According to Immigration officials, Safadago has been convicted of spousal abuse, drugs offenses and human trafficking. Safadago was captured by Immigration officers at a house on Benbow Street after he entered the country illegally on Friday, February 28. He was deemed a prohibited immigrant and remanded at the Belize Central Prison until he was arraigned on Monday, March 3. Safadago appeared before Magistrate Leslie Hamilton and pleaded not guilty after he was told he is being deemed a prohibited immigrant. Safadago told Magistrate Hamilton, “I came through Blue Creek and there was no one there [from Immigration Department].”

Corwin Bennett walks from murder charge
Corwin Bennett was acquitted of murder on Wednesday March 5th, after being on remand for more than 4 years. He had been accused of the January 12, 2011 murder of Kraal Road leader, Raymond "Killa" Gentle. He was thought to be one of two men who either shot or accompanied the shooter when Gentle was killed. The decision was handed down by Supreme Court judge, Adolph Lucas at around 10:00 a.m. The matter had concluded on Wednesday, February 26, 2014 and the judgment came one week later.

Boom Posse shoots Man in the Face
Ladyville police are looking into a shooting incident where Belize City resident 43 year-old Giovanni Berry ended up being shot in a case that resembles vigilantism. It happened on Saturday, March 1, in the pre-dawn hours, where a group of about six residents of the Burrell Boom Village stormed a house he was taking care of. At around 1 a.m., someone broke into Chad Gillett’s home in the village and stole his licensed 9 mm pistol. Fortunately, Gillett woke up in time to catch the thief as he fled. Gillett fired a shotgun blast at the unknown man, who seemed to have been hit by pellets, but he managed to get away on foot. Gillett then immediately called the village police officer, and got a group of his close friends, who are owners of licensed weapons, and they went out to do their own investigation.

Retrial ordered for Edward Buller
On Wednesday, March 5 a retrial was ordered for 55-year-old, Edward Buller, who was initially charged on June 24, 2009, for the murder of Ella Mae Bennett. The body of the 41-year-old Honduran national had been found inside an abandoned home on Central American Boulevard on June 20. On September 19, 2011, a jury of 12 had found Buller not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter. Buller was later sentenced to 16 years imprisonment for the crime.

All Green in Citrus Industry
On Friday, February 28, Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow announced to the nation that all stakeholders in the citrus industry had signed off on a Memorandum of Understanding that should solve the flagship company’s cash flow crisis and settle its executive level tug-of-war. A new Board of Directors will be configured for the Citrus Products of Belize Limited (CPBL) to include representation from the Citrus Growers Association, Banks Holdings Limited, the Government of Belize, the Social Security Board and Heritage Bank Limited. Two weeks ago, Prime Minister Barrow bridged negotiations between key stakeholders in the citrus industry in an effort to dissolve longstanding disputes that drove CPBL to the brink of collapse. The working capital for CPBL dried up after the commercial banks decided not to release any more money until the company could provide audited figures of its operations, which it was unable to do because the Citrus Growers Association (CGA) and its strategic investor, Banks Holdings Limited, could not agree on an auditor. Without working capital, CPBL could not pay farmers for their fruits and the company would’ve had to discontinue operations.

St. Luke Methodist Girls and Boys win in Primary schools Softball Competition
The Belize City primary Schools Softball Competition continues at Rogers Stadium with a number of games during the week. On Tuesday, March 3, in the girls’ competition played, St. Luke Methodist School defeated its sister school Trinity Methodist by the score of 15-2. The winning pitcher was Destiny Dobson and the losing pitcher was Davina Perrera. In the boys’ game, St. Luke Methodist also won over St. Mary’s Primary School by the score of 12-4. The winning pitcher was Avery Rudon and the losing pitcher was Michael Segura. On Monday, March 3, in girls’ competition, Calvary Temple School defeated Wesley Upper School by the score of 8-6. The winning pitcher was Pauline Jex and the losing pitcher was Erica Cadogan.

Central Region High Schools Softball Regular Competition ends
The 2013-2014 Central Region Secondary Schools Softball Competition regular season came to an end on Friday, February 28, 2014 at Rogers Stadium. In the female competition game played, Wesley College defeated Pallotti High School. The winning pitcher was Brianna Meighan and the losing pitcher was Shenelle Flowers. In the second female game, Gwen Lizarraga High School defeated St. Catherine Academy. The winning pitcher was Ashley Lucas and the losing pitcher was Jacqueline Alas. On Thursday, February 27, in the female game played, Ladyville Technical High School defeated Anglican Cathedral College by the score of 23-1. The winning pitcher was Amber Wade and the losing pitcher was Ashley Alarcon. In the male game played, St. John’s College defeated Ladyville Technical High School by the score of 10-8. The winning pitcher was Dylon Snaggs and the losing pitcher was Isaac Dominguez.

Announcement For Poster Contest For World Water Day
An International Day to celebrate Freshwater was recommended at the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), and the United Nations General Assembly responded by designating March 22, 1993 as the first World Water Day. Every year thereafter, World Water Day is celebrated on March 22 around the world. This year, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture, in collaboration with other Ministries and Departments, has taken the lead for the celebration of the annual World Water Day (WWD) event as a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater.