The new Chetumal Street Bridge in Belize City should be opened by the end of this year. Contracts for the bridge and the approaches were signed today in Belmopan.

The bridge design and construction is for 2.2 million dollars - and that went to M and M Engineering, while the filling of the bridge approaches and assembly of the bridge is for 2.7 million dollars and that went to CISCO Construction.

Today principals from both companies discussed the significance of the project at a contract signing.

Cisco Woods
"Personally as a resident of Belize City I know this bridge will provide a lot of relief to the Central American Boulevard and BelCan Bridge especially around 7-8am when students are trying to reach the schools on the north side. As representing our company Cisco Construction we are excited because this will provide quite a bit more jobs for residents in the city and it will be also while providing jobs almost training too because a lot of fellows will learn skills while building the bridge, so we are very excited about this bridge happening. Long time we've been waiting for this."

Roque Matus, M & M Engineering
"We want to thank the Ministry of Works to have seen our vision which is to we want to say bring home Belize, building our bridges and so forth in Belize. Our company has been working for many years towards projects like this and we hope that we can have a very long relationship with the Ministry of Works and on a second note, I drive the northern highway every single day from Ladyville to Belize and I can tell you this bridge will definitely just like Mr. Cisco say relief a lot of the traffic congestion and make life a lot easier for at least 10-12 thousand residents."

The total for the two contracts is 4.9 million dollars, and completion is expected in nine months with work to start immediately. The bridge will connect Belama Phase One to a new road which runs from the western highway Near the Faber's Road Junction to the river.

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