Well we haven't had much luck. It looked like we were going to be at Seascape Villas, but the person we were talking to actually had no affiliation with the place. Don't know if she was trying to scam us or what, but she was the person who responded to my email directly to their site.
We almost had the chance to get the place next to Capt. Morgans- 3rd floor penthouse was available, but the manager had an appointment to show it today, and it looks like the family is going to take it. We offered to put a deposit down, but since he had the appointment with them, he wanted to keep it.
We are out of our lease at our current house at the end of April, and are really scrambling to find a place. If anyone hears of anything available in the co co beach, captain morgan area beach side, please let me know! We haven't had a lot of luck so far.