NFL great Jim Brown & Kwame Toure speak on struggle.

39 minutes.

n 1991 Nuri Akbar conducted exclusive interviews with two prominent activist and Legends - ESPN voted Jim Brown as NFL greatest football player of the twentieth century. The Hall of famer sat down for a rear in depth interview with the Belize Caribbean Pulse in his Hollywood Hills home.The late revolutionary/Pan Africanist Kwame Toure aka (Stokely Carmichael) granted a interview with us after his lecture on the campus of the University of California at Long Beach. Topic covered Self determination, Social Challenges within the Black diaspora, Gangs/Youth violence and economic development. These interviews are dedicated to the many youths around the globe who continue to be inspired by the work of Jim Brown "Amer-I-can" project and Kwame Toure Legacy of global social/political activism.

Past & future Prime Ministers of Belize

50 minutes.

The Bredaa organization sponsored what can be called the first Belize Prime Ministers forum held at Los Angeles in 1992. The forum was hosted by Nuri Akbar and held at the Marcus Garvey school in front of a live audience. This interview was later broadcast via Pacifica radio network (KPFK 90.7 FM) in Los Angeles on the BREDAA produced "Belize Caribbean Pulse" show. The guest included former and current PM Manuel Esquivel and Dean Barrow. Topic covered the economy, social/political challenges, foreign policy and the impact of race on the local body politics of Belize. Many of the issues discussed almost two decades ago remain elusive to the Belizean experiment. This historical interview was release on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Belize independence on Sept 21st 2011. PT 2