Green Tropics Under The Microscope

Tonight, a joint team of Government officials working in the Agricultural Ministry continues to investigate whether or not Green Tropics damaged over $150,000 in vegetable crops belonging to local farmers from Valley of Peace.

7News understands that the joint team is just about finished with their report, but they are waiting for a chemical test from a lab in Salvador to positively identify the chemical in the herbicide which Green Tropics is being accused of dumping on the crops when their employees did their crop dusting on May 15.

But, as we told you last night, we've received reports that there may be a dispute about whether the farmers planted on their own land, and that they could be squatting. Today, 7News was finally able to get in contact with Green Tropics' country representative Beverly Burke to get a comment on the allegation from those 30 local farmers.

She told us today that the company cannot release any position at this time because it would be premature since the Government officials are still not finished investigating. We asked for confirmation about that land contention, and she also declined comment. She did add though that if it is found that her company is culpable for the damages to crops from the farmers then the company will "deal with that liability".

As we told you, the crops showed chemical burns, and though about only about 80% are showing signs, the concern is that the entire fields that have been affected will be poisoned by the chemicals.

That test for the chemicals from Salvador is expected to be completed by mid-week next week.

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