Yesterday afternoon I stopped at Molly Malone's at The (ghost) Hotel and had lunch.
Our famous bartender, Shaggy, made me a cantaloupe smoothie and a very nice woman cooked an outstanding beef burger.
I took one of the meat patties (there were two) that was smothered in melted cheese and topped with crisp bacon out of the stack and ate it as a breadless sandwich.
When I put the remainder together it was taller than most hamburgers. This I brought home for dinner.
The French fries were plentiful and crispy. Since I put my catsup cup on my coleslaw cup I missed eating this. Too bad as I love coleslaw.
The price was reasonable, the service good and the place is nice.
I met the new manager, Bruno, who is struggling for lack of business. He doesn't understand why. I say give the guy a chance. It is new management and has nothing to do with the problems of the past.

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