Occupy Belmopan II

By Abdulmajeed K Nunez

Sound the alarm
The prime minister has been informed
He has sixty days to conform
There is too much contradiction with the gender policy and the constitution
Or Independence Hill will be taken by storm
All those in BDF and police uniform
It is time you all join the people’s right ranks for reform
When the Mexican police and the NYPD decided on reform
They put down their guns and took off their uniforms

Those who have been analyzing Belize’s political climate for years
When you read Louis Wade’s “two foot stool…” it will bring you to tears
We are living in a democracy that’s on life support
With PUDP, citizens and pressure groups all turning to the courts
Which has become commonplace now; it’s no longer a last resort
I want to contend that we are operating in hijacked courts
With a legal system dominated by foreigners
Every single judge, magistrate are all contract workers
Which means they support this government or they’ll be terminated like Arnold Schwarzenegger
There has been a role reversal; PUDP has taken over the role of predator

Price hijacked the people’s movement
Esquivel was leader of a corrupted government
Musa’s G7 was his historical moment
UDP’s legacy will be cementing streets
Cause CITCO is getting money from central government
They will go down in history as the most corrupted government, with alleged family enrichment
Now Barrow’s government has a combination of corruption and big oil appeasement
Ignoring of court orders without chastisement
No judge in their right minds would challenge this government
They are all lodge brothers and sisters and are loyal to the Baphomet
The PM is ignoring the ruling in Thailand
To President Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra! For corruption!
Barrow is diligently trying to redefine nepotism, cronyism and corruption
Better yet trying to hold to prevent an early election

People of Belize instead of being malcontents
We need to start a movement
We need to select some independents
Register and promote them as the incumbent
Set the people’s program and a twenty-five year plan
PUDP has betrayed the nation
Blatantly ignoring the Supreme Court and the constitution
We need to change this situation
We need to occupy Belmopan.

This time the people must win
Since our government is unwilling to do the right thing
They are about their own self aggrandizing
Marginalizing and dividing and conquering
We need to ensure that check and balance is in the system
The integrity commission, the labour complaint tribunal, and the clear separations of power
Democracy dictates we do better
Or our leaders instead of managers have become predators!