Hi everyone. I am new to this forum although I have been reading a lot of the posts. My husband and I are thinking of moving to Belize and it sounds like a great fit for us in many ways (the income part is covered).

However, I eat a fairly strict vegan diet (no meat/dairy). I am a bit worried that there will be limited availability of food, as I have heard fresh vegetables are hard to come by on the Cayes and that gardening isn't practical (not sure why). I love to cook, and love rice, beans & tortillas etc., so I don't need a lot of packaged foods. For ingredients, it does help if there are Indian or Chinese groceries available. Are there any markets that cater to 'ethnic food' (I could go to Belize City occasionally)?

I also wonder how I might be received. I know that with some cultures, refusing food is quite rude. Even if I wanted to stray from eating no meat or dairy, it has been so long that I get sick if I eat it (although if there are small amounts like butter on food it's fine).

If anyone has any experience, seond or firsthand, with how eating vegetarian or vegan food in Belize works, or doesn't, please comment!