I denounce “Belize Education” for incompetence, dereliction of duty, profiteering, and a callous-disregard of our most valuable natural resource. It is your failures that dehumanize our youth. English is crucified in a nation where Creole is spoken on television, streets, every home and primary classroom--as you use the King’s vernacular as a barometer. Mathematics is non-existent in daily life while you condemn them, and what disturbs me is your total lack of interest--while you picket for higher wages.
I accuse text-book extortion.
I accuse waste of resources doing sports or fashion-shows.
I accuse you of not giving our youth your best
I demand you stop reading to children. Teach them to read.
I demand text-book recycling.
I demand up grade Abraham to secondary level.
I demand the elocution of a living theatre.
I demand individual attention to each student.
.I demand your responsibility for our finished product.
Education must be free! My manifesto embraces books, uniforms, lunch, dorm, lab fees free--for all who want it.
New Sheriff in town indicting pre-natal malnutrition. That fetus is State Property.

Posting for a friend....PM me with concerned individuals and I will hook you up with Bradley here in San Pedro. Belize

Namiste/Have a blessed day