The southern Toledo District experienced flooding this morning after heavy rains last night. The river rose to 10 feet above normal and the flood waters blocked the road in the Jacintoville area - which is the road that comes out of Barranco, meaning that access to and from the majority of the rural areas was cut off. That was bad news for market day in PG, since the busses could not come in until the water had slightly receded around 9:00 am. That's when our colleagues at PGTV spoke to NEMO Coordinator Kenton Parham:

Kenton Parham, NEMO Director - PG
"We experience quite a bit of heavy rains last night and early this morning resulting in what you can see. Right now the only area that is flooded and impeding traffic is the area right here. Reports from the other areas around the district, Blue Creek, Jordan is that water is low. Some rivers like Bladen has risen about 5 feet, but right now this is our main concern. Presently we have about 3 families that we know that water went into their house about a foot or so. The BDF is out here with support transferring people back and forth."

By this afternoon, the floodwaters had receded.

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