Giovanni Solorzano

Earlier, we reported on the murder of San Pedrano, Felix Alamilla. His death has brought to light a serious problem on the main tourism island of San Pedro. For years, residents have been clamoring for an adequate public medical facility which would include a morgue. According to Doctor Giovanni Solorzano, Alamilla could have been saved and today expressed his frustration with the system currently in place.

Dr. Giovanni Solorzano, San Carlos Medical Center

“Immediate medical care could have been given if the government clinic would have been opened and when he got there, they could have started with an IV line or they could have started him with drips and the appropriate tourniquet would have been applied, possibly he could have made it and there is a possibility of a yes. But as you know, we do not have twenty-four hour medical care on the island.”


“As a medical practitioner, is this something you think, an incident again that highlights the need for a twenty-four hour medical facility?”

Dr. Giovanni Solorzano

“Yes you see the problem is that the island has grown so much. I’ve been on the island for the last twenty-five years and the island has been growing in every aspect—we have more people and everything—and there is an urgent need for twenty-four hour medical service. It is unfortunate that as we speak in this moment, if you go to the Polyclinic—and please take my word for it—you will see that in this month, there is only one doctor at the Polyclinic. Doctor Zuniga, I spoke to him this morning and he was leaving to Belize City at midday because he had to attend an emergency meeting. So when Doctor Zuniga has to go out because of an important meeting to attend, the Polyclinic is left with one doctor and then one doctor is barely able to provide care in the daytime because it is packed up and then in the night time, the doctor is exhausted. This is nothing new; this has been going on for years. We’ve been crying in the wilderness for medical care on the island. The next thing is not only that…it breaks my heart to see last night we saw the report of the San Pedro Council and we see that they spend ninety-four thousand dollars in traveling. I mean, we need to do a small morgue on the island and I was very adamant with the police this morning and I told them, with due respect. I don’t care if my private practice is closed for the morning, please leave him in this bed because these people are picked up, they are taken to the police station, they are left in a room on the floor, they have to arrange for a boat to transport them to Belize City; it takes them forever to make all the arrangements and finally the body is transported. I mean, this is dehumanizing. It is so sad to see that your loved one is there on the floor, he is stabbed so many times, and we need to go through a process to authorize transportation to Belize City.”

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