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This Week's Stories:

  • Police Recovers Chris’ Canoe:
    Rojelio Hernandez, a 24 year old Belizean laborer is in double trouble first with his alleged involvement in a stolen boat report and secondly with the discovery of a shotgun and cartridges at his residence in the Barton Creek community. The stolen boat report was made on July 11 this year by Christopher Lowe. In a report to the police Lowe informed that his $1,500, dark green, canoe along with its $15 aluminum paddle and the chain and padlock used to secure it, were stolen from his farm in the Barton Creek area. The police investigation first led to the detention of the prime suspect, Rojelio Hernandez and later to the Negro Man area, also in the Cayo District, where on Tuesday, July 29, the police found the canoe. The person found in possession of the canoe informed the police of having purchased it from Rogelio Hernandez.
  • Teacher Mar Laid To Rest:
    It’s with deep regret that we record the passing of yet another well known Santa Elena woman. Mrs. Agustina Mar nee Zetina was born in the lovely village of Bomba in the Belize District on the 4th May, 1953 to Domingo and Felipa Zetina. Agustina is survived by her sisters: Virma Guerra, Martha Morris Teresita Zetina (in Los Angeles, USA), Rufina Tzul (in Tulum, Mexico), Rosalina Jenkins, Natalia Carillo, Carmen Gilharry; Brothers: Santiago, Carlos, Ricardo, Alejandro, and Antholino. Eulogy was read by Mr. Victor Gongora: Agustina left Bomba, her river village, with her parents and siblings to start a new life in the sea side town of Corozal Town. Agustina grew up in the Rainbow town area of Corozal Town taking the scenic sea side street to go to St. Francis Xavier School and then Xavier College.
  • It’s Just That The Opposition Is Always Wrong:
    “It is not that the UDP is right, it is that the PUP is always wrong” PM Dean Barrow during one of his quarterly press conferences. Of late, the United Democratic Party seems to be getting it all right while the opposition People’s United Party continues to be always wrong. Last week it was the Prime Minister’s visit to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for medical treatment thus increasing the credibility of our nation’s flagship medical facility. Few days later it was the airing of the “Up Close Interview” with the Prime Minister as he confronted and ably addressed matters of national interests . With the inability to attack anything said in the interview, the opposition PUP, through its official mouth pieces, has directed their attention to the cost of the clothes and the pair of shoes that the PM was wearing. In fact, what else does one expect from a political party, almost 20 years later, that continues to criticize the kind of watch worn by PM Dean Barrow.
  • UDP Ready!!!:
    The United Democratic Party (UDP) held its convention today at Sacred Heart Primary School in San Ignacio for the election of the party’s slate to contest the March 4, 2015 municipal elections for the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena. The historic turnout of voters was impressive with over three thousand persons casting their ballots. Electors participating in the convention included those registered in Cayo Central, Cayo North and Cayo North East constituencies.
  • Guatemala's Ixil Mayans Bury Victims Of 1982 Massacre:
    The remains of 31 indigenous Ixil Mayans, killed at the height of the Guatemala civil war, have been buried in the country's north-west. Hundreds of people attended the ceremony in Nebaj, Quiche province, singing hymns and burning incense. The army attacked the village of Xecax in 1982, accusing locals of supporting a left-wing insurgency. An estimated 200,000 people were killed in the 1960-1996 civil war, the vast majority of them indigenous Mayans. The bodies of many of those killed had been burned and dumped in mass graves. The remains were exhumed four years ago.
  • Saying Goodbye To Something You Love:
    Cheri handed my crying baby to me, his little eyes swollen, his sobs subsiding into gulping sighs. Within seconds, Robbie calmed as I nuzzled him and kissed his sweet face. I hugged my friend and thanked her for trying again to watch Robbie while I went back to work part-time. Again, my son refused a bottle and cried constantly. We both knew this wasn't going to work. Forcing a smile, I turned quickly so she wouldn't see my tears. By the time I got to the car, I could hold them back no longer. Securing my son, I slipped in the driver's seat, put my head on the steering wheel and wept. He was my third child.
  • Hon. Rene Montero and Your UDP Government at Work!:
  • Deal To Stop Migrants From Boarding La Bestia Train:
    Guatemala, Mexico and the United States have reached a deal to try to prevent migrants from jumping onto a freight train in an attempt to reach the US, according to Guatemalan officials. Tens of thousands of migrants stow away on the train, known as La Bestia (The Beast), every year. Hundreds are injured or killed when they fall under its wheels. Many more are robbed or attacked by gangs. The three countries said they would establish more checkpoints. Rising Flow Guatemala's top immigration official, Alejandra Gordillo, said the deal was reached during meetings between Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and US Vice President Joe Biden.
  • Abdominal Pain:
    Just about everybody at one point or another will experience abdominal pain. Most of the causes are not serious and can be readily diagnosed and treated. However, pain can also be a sign of a serious illness. It's important to be able to recognize symptoms that are severe and know when to call a doctor. What Are the Most Common Causes of Abdominal Pain? Whether it's a mild stomach ache, sharp pain, or stomach cramps, abdominal pain can have numerous causes. Some of the more common causes include:
  • Transforming Falcon Field And More:
    With all the activities happening you might be wondering what is happening on Falcon Field in San Ignacio? It’s the commencement of the rolling out of projects countrywide under the Belize Infrastructure Limited (BIL) an initiative of the government of Belize and in particular the Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow. The government of Belize has committed a whopping 30 million dollars, five million for each of the six districts, for the transformation of major sporting facilities. In transforming the concept to reality, Prime Minister Barrow spoke of the implementation of “Signature Projects” in all six districts of the nation. “Something” he said “of which every Belizean should be proud”.
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