The birds were kept in appalling conditions. They both showed signs of mental disturbance. They hadn't been taken out from their cages for months. They had no food or water in their cages. Both birds are injured, one due to a leg band that has almost caused the Macaw to lose a leg, the Cockatoo has plucked most of the feathers off her chest, legs and under the wing.
But the most serious thing of all is these birds do not have CITES paperwork. There are no import permits for these birds. The Moluccan cockatoo is an incredibly endangered species. The Macaw is a hybrid that should never ever have been allowed into Belize under any circumstances.
We know there are a lot of parrots in San Pedro, and slowly but surely they will be either licensed or removed form their captors. These cases are not nearly as serious as these two birds which are blatant examples of Belizean laws being flouted on many levels.

1. No import permits
2. No health checks
3. Birds have no records of being seen by a veterinarian although both had severe injuries.
4. Birds kept in a disgusting insanitary condition
5. Birds cages not coming close to meeting minimum standards as laid down by Forestry department.
6. No food or water being available at all times to meet minimum standards as required by Forestry department
7. Birds displaying severe signs of mental illness caused by insufficient mental stimulation and improper caging, and caging being placed at ground level.

These are facts. They can be backed up with photographs and veterinarian reports. Such lawbreaking and animal abuse cannot be tolerated any more and I am gratified that the Police and the Forestry department are now doing something about it.