As I have been watching from my balcony on Caye Caulker, I see a younger man (Larry) and a small child collecting money for a program in Belize City. He claims this program helps gang kids by providing basketball, football, and other activities which are funded by donation. He has a spiral notebook filled with signatures and donations collected. He boasts newspaper articles (or copies of them) that "prove" his work is legit. He proudly announces that he was once one of those kids and now that he is "set in life", as he puts it, he volunteers to collect money and work with the organization. However, as I watch, I see him filling a water bottle with rum which he drinks pretty much all day. I hear him (and the small boy) making harassing comments about women as they pass. I know they collect wads daily! One the day we arrived on the island, one taxi driver warned us to stay away from this man as he was scamming the tourists, drives a "big" car in the city, and uses the money himself. Don't know if he's legit or not....didn't give him any money...but have watched over a week as he lines his pockets. Does anybody know if this program and this guy are for real? It was nice on Sunday when he didn't set up shop on Front Street!