We've been planning to move to Belize for over a year, and are looking for a place. My boyfriend lived there a few years ago near coco beach, and we would like to be back in that area- beach side, not lagoon.

A little info about us:

We have a 55lb short haired dog who will be coming with us. He has all of his shots and is very friendly.
No children
Both work online as web desigers/developers
We've both been to San Pedro, my boyfriend lived there 3 years ago- (his name is Larry he lived there with AC)

What we're looking for:
6 month to 1 year lease (preferably 1 year)
at least 2 bedrooms- (this is very important)
Beach side- not lagoon
North of the bridge, Coco Beach/Capt. Morgans area would be perfect!
Either central air or air conditioning in the bedrooms

Pricing: Between $1000, & $2000/ month US

We'd love to move around the end of Sept. but we can do sooner or later if we find the right place.

ALSO: We're offering $500 US cash to the person who finds this place for us- to be given to you on the day we move in. Reason being is that we've been looking since January and haven't been able to find what we want. Anyone with info please message me, thanks!! We can't wait to get down there!