If you are in town looking for something fun to do tonight, the poker run is a great option, sign up is at 6:00pm at the Roadkill or any participating bar. Caribbean Villas, RoadKill, Lola’s, Wayo’s and ends at Pedro’s Inn for the final draw.

For those that are new to the whole poker run idea, you do not have to be a poker pro to play, it is very easy and you will meet lots of people. It used to be done Texas Holdem style but they are now doing it Omaha in order to give everyone a better chance to win right up to the end.

Cost is $25 BZD to enter, you can buy in as many times as you like or split one entry with a friend. The poker run stops at 5 different Bars. At each place you receive 1 card (for each $25 you have paid in). At the final stop, you take your best two of five cards from each bar and match them up with 3 cards from the flop drawn by the dealer to see who has the best poker hand. The winner takes the pot, very simple, very fun and very lucrative for the winner.

If you are not in town for this poker run and would like to go on one in the future, join Roadkill Bar facebook page and let them know when you are coming down and they will do their best to schedule a poker run if the timing is right.

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