Travelers produces 29 alcoholic beverages – and at least 8 kinds of rum, and about 15 rum products. But, they are adding one more rum, which is simply called “Belizean Rum.”

It may sound simple, but it’s meant to capitalize on the Belize brand and attract tourist, while coming in at a price point which will make it an everyman’s rum. Manager, Magali Gabb told us about the process behind producing their Belizean Rum.

Traveler's Belizean Rum is currently available in stores in Belize City. They are planning to take it to other districts soon.

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Travelers Liquors Unveils New Belizean Rum

Travellers Liquors Limited is among the producers of Belize’s finest rums. From vintage liquors to aged dark rums, from gold to white and flavored rums and in between, there are even brandies, vodkas, wines, gin liqueurs and bitters.  Today, the company added a new flavor to its line of gold rum. Named Belizean Rum, a media conference was held at the Travellers Headquarters on the Phillip Goldson Highway.

Amanda Perdomo, Travellers Liquors Limited

Amanda Perdomo

“This year we decided yes, we are going to take out a gold rum, a new gold rum with the best taste we’ve ever done. And so we started working on the blend and we had some…at one time, Travellers made a Belizean rum and if you see some labels in the 80’s ad 90’s, there’s some really old labels that said Belizean rum. It was an aged rum and we had some barrels of aged Belizean rum in the barrel room, which is now very old and so they decided to play around with some of that to blend this new rum. So it was like, duh, let’s name this Belizean Rum. And so finally I got my way.”

Julio Reyes

Julio Reyes, Travellers Liquors Limited

“There has been a lot of hard work behind the making of this rum, behind designing the rum, formulating the rum. Just to clarify something it is not a premium aged rum; it is a premium rum. We selected the most mature, the most, finest aged barrels that we have and use them as a blender to flavor it. it takes a lot of experience which I am gaining every day to blend something like this. We have come very far to make something very good.”

Amanda Perdomo

“I had thought about why don’t we, if we are going to do a Belizean rum, have scenes of Belize on the label but it is hard to have one scene of Belize, one picture, one icon of Belize. So I thought why don’t we have at least four, but it is the same label and we just change the pictures. And so we have that flexibility. So we decided, at first I didn’t have that support because it was a new idea, but when we got together and hashed it out again. We said hey, let’s try it. So that’s how this label and design came about. It’s been about three months that we’ve been working on it…going back and forth with pictures, labels and blends and finally today, we have Belizean rum.”

The rum will be available in the one point seven-five liters bottle, the one liter bottle, the point seven-fifty liter and the two fifty liter bottle of the rum. The price is at a hundred dollars a case for the seven-fifty bottle of the Belizean Rum.

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