From Belmopan... 08:15 BZT

A lot of rain last night, Radar stuck again.. .. .We had 25mm ( 1" ) of rain last night, due to this continuing, rotating area of low pressure wet air over north Central America and Mexico. . . .. in addition, we had a small ITCZ fair up over southern Belize, these two clashed, resulting in that Rain, which i presume covered much of Belize over night. . .. .

Looks as if that is clearing now, so although they may well be some scattered rain in parts of Belize, I expect that will generally reduce. . ..Present overcast clouds will thin as the day progresses, but later cloud build up this afternoon. ..

There could still be rain later and tonight. That other rotating wet air over Cuba will not effect us, but you can see how much wet air there is around.