Overnight flooding in rural Toledo forced the evacuation of over two dozen families just before dawn today.

A heavy downpour that started on Friday night and continued into the early morning hours caused the river in Blue Creek village to break its banks and inundate multiple homes.

Reports from residents say that the flooding started after 1 am and at its pead around 3:30 am, had pushed well beyond the bridge which was completely submerged.

The manager of Ak’kutan Radio Aurelio Sho, who lives about a 100 feet away from the river, had his vehicle submerged by flood waters and early this morning a mechanic had to be brought in to rescue the vehicle which was almost washed away.

Chairman of the Toledo Housing and Shelter Committee for NEMO Floyd Lino says the families that were rescued have all been returned to their homes, but help is needed.

The flood waters at Blue Creek village continues to recede rapidly. There are also reports that flooding is happening in Jorda village and other rural communities.