I visited Caye Caulker for two weeks at the beginning of June, and fell in love with the island and the people. Now, I am planning to return at Christmas time to be with the place and the people that I fell in love with. The Problem? MONEY! I may not be the original ‘cheap bastard’, but I am a good clone.

I live in southmost Texas (Brownsville area) and have only two choices for air travel. It’s either American Airlines through Dallas or United Airlines through Houston. Both of them would cost well over a thousand dollars for a round trip. There would also be the cost of a taxi from the Belize City airport to the Caye Caulker Water Taxi. So, I decided to travel through Mexico.

I would walk across the bridge from Brownsville to Matamoros ($.75US), take a taxi to the bus station (~$100MX), and ride the Noreste Plus bus to Monterrey ($425MX). Then it would be a taxi to the Monterrey airport in Apodaca (~$200MX). There is an economy airline (VivaAerobus) that will fly me to Cancun ($94.62US going and $58.04US return). From the Cancun airport, there is an ADO shuttle bus going to Plya del Carman ($146MX) where I will get on the ADO night bus that travels between Cancun and Belize City (~$48US). [The return trip bus stops at the Cancun Airport.] This will put me in Belize City about 6:30AM.
From the bus station in Belize City, I will probably walk the two blocks and cross the famous swing bridge to get to the Caye Caulker Water Taxi. Then on to Caye Caulker ($10US). The total for the round trip comes out to less than $500US. Yes, it will take almost 24 hours. But, what we ‘old farts’ lack in money, we make up for by having time. And, I have always been able to sleep on a bus.

If anyone can come up with a cheaper travel plan, please let me know.

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