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The northern border rehabilitation project at the Santa Elena border in Corozal continues ahead in full steam with the upgrading of the road, drainage and traffic circulation infrastructure.

The project includes the erection of an Entry Border crossing canopy, Exit Border crossing canopy, two traffic circles or roundabouts. One roundabout is proposed to bear the Gonzalo Guerrero monument and the second will bear our Belize Flag monument.

The project is being carried out by the Ministry of Works and Transport through their Project Execution Unit.

It is being built with funds from a Government loan through the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) and is contracted via a joint venture between RJB Co. Ltd. and Imer Hernandez Development Company Ltd. The supervision of the works is being carried out by Professional Engineering Services Ltd.

It is the hope that at the completion of this project, the traffic woes at the border will be minimized.

The people of Corozal are grateful to the Government of Belize for the implementation of this very critical project at our Santa Elena border.

Corozal Daily