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Robert Novak
Acupuncture Physician
Doctor of Oriental Medicine
Robert Novak L.Ac. DOM is;
A licensed physician in the state of Florida to practice Acupuncture, Herbology, Homeopathic Medicine, Oriental Medicine, AIT injection therapies. Nationally Certified by NCCAOM with their highest degree as a Diplomat of Oriental Medicine. Graduated magnum cum laude with a Bachelor of Health Sciences and a Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine degree from a four year program at Florida College of Integrative Medicine, Orlando Fl. Undergraduate and graduate studies with a major in Psychology at Michigan State University
In addition he has studied and consulted with:
Dr. Daniel G. Clark M.D.
Focus of studies: Bio molecular Medicine, Homeopathy, Elecrodermal Screening and treating chronic diseases. Among Dr. Clark’s area of professional expertise are alternative treatments for cancer, chelation therapy for arteriosclerosis, and Homeopathy and Herbology for chronic diseases. Dr. Clark’s work in disease treatment led to a receipt of the Academic Award for Scientific Research in Cancer presented in Rome, Italy in 1984 and a subsequent designation as a Physician of the Year Award recipient in 1988 from the IACVF Chapter in Florida.
Dr. Isali Ben-Jacob A.P., DOM
Diplomat in homeopathy and Homotoxicology and instructor for Heel USA in homeopathic therapies.
Focus of studies: Integrating the homeopathic model with Chinese Medicine, The art and science of combining homeopathics with herbal formulation for enhanced effect, Injection therapy
Rheo H. Blair Nutritional Consultant
“Nutritionist to the Stars” Rheo Blair worked with Six Mr. Olympia winners, over 20 Mr. America winners and athletes, movie stars and entertainers worldwide.
Focus of studies: Mega Vitamin therapy with physical and mental applications

Michio & Aveline Kushi
Founders of: East West Macrobiotic Foundation, Kushi Institute, East West Journal and Erewhon Trading Company.
Author: How to See Your Health: The Book of Oriental Diagnosis (and 40 more titles)
Focus of studies: Healing trough Diet
Desmond Slattery
Founder of The Jungle Academy of Natural Sciences
Focus of studies: Cataloging Mayan healing techniques and herbal remedies and developing an Eco-tourism program in British Honduras
Co-developed and co-owned:
1) Swan Foods (soy food factory), Miami Fl
2) Café Mendocino (natural food restaurant), South Miami Fl
3) Sundance Inn (vegan restaurant), Key West Fl

Special thanks to:
Sir George Gabb
Artist Laureate of Belize and knighted by the Arch Bishop of Canterbury in recognition for his contributions to the field of art in the country of Belize. A Poet .. Playwright .. Author .. Painter .. Teacher .. Woodcarver..Sculptor. My dear friend, teacher, and "brother"

Noele McLain
Go Yoga, travelling to you and with you.
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