Thanks Big Frank. I totally will take a sip and tip one towards you, my friend. We had already decided on Belize, but I just needed someone to confirm for me that I wasn't going to get better airfare. And as you said, it's not worth the brain matter lost on wondering if I will get something better -- and, of course, there would be the repeated kicking of myself if later on I didn't find something as good. Nothing worse than "man, I should have booked that."

Beachluvr, the fares were on AA's website. I heard about the sale through travelocity or one of those sites. travel has to be completed by June 15 or so, so I had to move my trip up one week (initially we planned June 10-18, but changed to June 6-14). If you just go to and try to book a flight that returns before June 15 you should find a good fare.

Frank, I believe we're staying at Belizean Shores. Your ever been there?