Thanks Marty.
Simple version. Dan is American, his wife is Caye Caulker well known family.
They own the Split and rented the bar to Perry until it sold.
Upon sale lease is over.
Perry fixed it up to improve sales and says it moves a lot of money for him for five years.
Dan sold it but retains a piece of the future profit.
He still holds title. He has made several deals in the past with folks who had some setbacks and didn't succeed. He was glad he held title with them, too.

Perry says that it is only a sale if title changes hands. This is not true. His lawyer will tell him that and he will try to settle with Dan on the improvements

Same story with OJ. at the end of his lease of the bar.He took the seawall with him when Dan found the price unreasonable. Cops busted OJ because the seafront belongs to the GOB and you can't grab their stuff even if you paid for it.

Perry needs to sell Dan a lot of opened bottles of