Well I certainly loved the trip report!!
To aqtpie2: Yes, Mr. B is still our caretaker. Don't know what we would do without him!
To Munichchick: Yes,it's your ibanole friends!! Haven't seen you on the board much lately. Hope all is well with you guys. When are you heading down?
Jane, can hardly wait to meet you -finally- but we will have a blast, and I am so glad that Debbie is coming too! I understand from our staff that Carrie is still in cheerleader shape..... but for me, those days are 20 years ago!! [Linked Image] But I did hear that a soccer team from San Pedro is planning a trip to Virginia this summer and they are taking cheerleaders with them!! So maybe I can find a way to volunteer my services.
Frank, when will you be coming down again?
See you all soon.