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The San Pedro Sun

The Phoenix rocks!!
Thanks to the fabulous reviews (based on the fabulous service and awesome amenities & location of course) Trip Advisor named The Phoenix the #2 Luxury Hotel in the world, #11 Best Small Hotel, and #23 Best Service!! Congratulations you guys! We happen to know, thanks to our own dream experience, that the resort and its staff is simply fabulous!

Caribbean Villas robbed of over $5,000 on Payday
The owner of the hotel has indicated that the same individual had visited the office earlier in the morning inquiring about job opportunities. This leads police to believe that the robbery may have been an inside job, as the robbery coincided with the resort’s payroll day. Police investigations are continuing. Confirmation has been made that at no time were the resort’s guests safety compromised, and no one but the office employees were aware of what had transpired.

Streets get much needed repairs
The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) have commenced working on rehabilitating the streets in the Airstrip, Eliot Subdivision and San Pedrito Area. On Monday, January 19th truckloads of hard core material were laid and pressed, improving the conditions of the highly trafficked streets. Residents in the area had been complaining about the street conditions for quite some time, as the rains in the past few months had eroded the streets causing flooding and large pot holes. According to Councilor Kenrick Brackett, 200 loads of hard core were used to fix the streets in the areas, as well as to patch-up large pot holes in the other low lying areas. “We thank all the residents for their patience. We understand their frustration on the street conditions, especially with all the rain that we have been having in the past months. We are working hard to get the street in a better conditions for all the residents that need to commute daily. The repairs will alleviate many problems for drivers of the area and even school children that use those streets,” said Brackett.

Sugar Cane Season set to start after long standoff between cañeros and BSI/ASR
The 2015 Sugar Cane Season is finally set to start after the two parties in the industry – the cañeros and Belize Sugar Industry/American Sugar Refinery BSI/ASR) signed on to a commercial agreement which now gives the green light to declare the crop open. This brings to end two months of standoff and uncertainty in the sugar industry. It was the longest delay in the sugar industry and one that has caused the splintering of the over 55-year-old organization, Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA). Before the signing of the agreement, over 2000 cane farmers broke away from the BSCFA to form two new associations; the Corozal Sugar Cane Producers Association and the Progressive Cane Farmers Association. The two newly formed associations went ahead to sign a seven-year agreement with BSI/ASR for the delivery of sugarcane, leaving behind the BSCFA and it remaining 3000 plus members. Without the BSCFA onboard, the crop was uncertain. A breakthrough came when, in an emergency meeting of the BSCFA on Sunday January 18th, the assembly of the general membership moved that the organization sign on to the agreement- even though the cane farmers were not happy. By Monday, January 19th, BSCFA and BSI/ASR met to sign the agreement in Orange Walk Town. The signing of the agreement was necessary for the milling company, who needed assurance from the various associations for the delivery of at least 1.1 million tons of sugarcane.

The Belize Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage rejects the recent draft of the Petroleum Exploration and Exploration Guidelines
The Belize Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage rejects the draft Petroleum Exploration and Exploration Guidelines recently circulated by the Government of Belize. In 2012, the Belize Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage commissioned an analysis of Government’s Draft Petroleum Exploration Zonation Framework and presented key findings to the Minister of Energy and technical team and the Minister of Fisheries, Forestry and Sustainable Development and technical team. Key issues amongst the findings were: • No buffers/buffer zones in the offshore between critical ecosystems including the reef, spawning aggregation sites and the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve, World Heritage Site and oil activities. Buffers account for potential travel of oil spills and impacts to critical ecosystems and designated special areas. Existing studies on buffer zones in the marine environment recommend 120 – 250 miles between critical ecosystems and oil activities. However, the Coalition recommended a buffer of 31 miles between critical ecosystems and oil activities as the application of a 31 mile buffer to key critical ecosystems and designated special areas resulted in the entire offshore being off-limits to oil exploration.

Ministry of Energy, Science & Technology and Public Utilities Clarifies Press Release on Petroleum Exploration Zones and Guidelines
The Ministry of Energy, Science & Technology and Public Utilities (MESTPU) notes with regret a recent press release by Oceana criticizing the draft Petroleum Exploration Zones and Exploration Guidelines prepared by the Geology and Petroleum Department. Oceana incorrectly asserted that the zonation plan and framework were shared with the NGO community on January 19th, 2015, when in fact this was the Ministry’s second attempt to solicit feedback from the NGO community on the revised zonation plan and exploration guidelines. In September 2014, the Geology and Petroleum Department (GPD) shared the zonation plan and framework with 13 stakeholder groups, inclusive of Belize Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage, APAMO and other public and private sector entities. Subsequently, the GPD received feedback only from APAMO, the CZMAI, the Belize Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage and one petroleum company.

SPBA awards Christine Syme for her continued support
Christine Syme was the recipient of a Certificate of Appreciation from the San Pedro Business Association (SPBA) for always assisting in their activities. Syme was presented with the award on Tuesday, January 20th by SPBA Vice-president Amanda Syme and SPBA Secretary Coqui Alamilla. “SPBA has been involved in many issues that are integral to developing our island, from spearheading the cobble stone/paved road projects to supporting the San Pedro Polyclinic and the Police and Coast Guard Barracks. The SPBA also organizes two annual events which have become San Pedro Town traditions – namely the San Pedro Lobster Festival and The Holiday Lighted Boat parade. In 2014 the association was shorthanded and turned to Christine Syme for support and assistance. She was willing and able to provide many hours of her time, ensuring that both events were organized and executed perfectly. In recognition of this young lady’s vital role within the SPBA’s team the executives have presented Christine Syme with a certificate of appreciation. The youth of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. Congratulations on your achievements Christine, we are all proud of you,” stated the SPBA.

Prominent island individuals form the People’s Coalition for San Pedro
The presidents from the various Neighborhood Watch committees, along with members of the San Pedro Police Department, San Pedro Town Council (SPTC), San Pedro media houses and other concerned citizens have formed the People’s Coalition of San Pedro, with the goal of addressing and finding solutions for issues plaguing the island. On Wednesday, January 14th, a meeting was held to discuss pressing issues that are going unsolved on the island including crime, youth issues, the need for a boat manifest, Crime Stoppers and improving public relations skills for police officers. The meeting was officiated by Steve Spiro and saw the attendance of Deputy Mayor Gabriel “Gaby” Nuñez, Councilor Gualberto “Wally” Nuñez, Deputy in Charge of Police Inspector Henry Jemmott, Officer in Charge of Police Superintendent Luis Castellanos, Janine Lopez, Josie Nuñez, Brian Cook, Janelle Cowo, Dorian Nuñez and Erik Lausen.

Ambergris Today

Oceana Belize Calls Petroleum Dept. Proposed Policy on Offshore Drilling Weak on Data
Oceana Belize calls on the Government of Belize to create policies which protect Belizean livelihoods - In response to a document circulated to the NGO community on Monday, January 19, 2015, as the draft Petroleum Exploration Zones and Exploration Guidelines, Oceana Belize maintains that before any steps are taken to allow offshore exploration, the Government of Belize must ensure that tourism and fishing related jobs are protected; that an effective emergency response capacity is in place; that special places are safe from hazards and that it has provided a full, fair and public accounting, including the inherent risks involved with the oil industry, to the Belizean people.

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Bowen & Bowen Ltd.
Career Opportunity -Looking for smart, creative people who want to make a difference.

Mo' Mojo arrives in Belize TODAY!
Are you going to the concert? Need a ticket? All concerts are free and open to the public, but you need a ticket to get a seat and they will be distributed on a first come first serve basis. The U.S. Embassy still has 50 tickets for San Pedro this Saturday, January 24th, 50 tickets for the Corozal concert Monday, January 26th, and 42 tickets for the San Igncacio concert on Wednesday, January 28th. All concerts start at 7:00 PM and representative will be avilable at the entrace starting at 5:30 PM to distribute the Embassy's extra tickets.

Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine helping at the zoo
Our colleagues and friends from Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine applied their professional magic during a week of vet examinations at The Belize Zoo recently. Vet students gained a great deal of knowledge, as they accompanied our animal management staff. What was on the examination agenda? All of the monkeys were TB tested. Yes, both howler and spider monkeys can carry TB. And yes, they can pass on to the human species…Yet ANOTHER good reason not to have a monkey as a pet! The jaguars at the zoo received very special attention. Black jaguar “Lucky Boy” badly needed a tooth extraction; part of the aftermath of his terrible ordeal in 2012. Lucky Boy came out of surgery like a shining star. Newly-rescued jaguar, “Mistletoe” also received first class care. It was determined that lovely “Mistletoe”,who was nearly shot by the people who trapped her, also suffers from a tooth problem. Good news for this pretty big cat, tooth problem addressed! And today, “Mistletoe” is a happier jaguar, thanks to the quality care received.

Corozal: The pump prices of Premium gasoline today are:

BEL Honors 225 Golden Citizens with Electricity Bill Pay Awards
Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) held a ceremony this morning at its Corporate Headquarters for its Golden Citizens. As a part of BEL’s Electricity Bill Pay Awards Program, BEL will pay the monthly electricity bill for an entire year for 225 senior citizens. Some of the senior citizens received their award during this morning’s ceremony, and the remaining awardees will be visited and presented with certificates at their homes over the next few days. Awardees were selected based on the following criteria: Must be 65 years of age or older and registered as a Golden Citizen with BEL. Must hold only one active account with BEL which is billed under the Social Rate Category. Consuming less than 60kWh monthly, at their place of residence.

Channel 7

Starting "La Zafra"
The sugar cane harvest season, known in the north as "La Zafra" will start on Monday January 26th at 10:00 am. That date was agreed to today at a meeting of the Sugar Industry Control Board, known as the SICB in Orange Walk Town. The meeting of stakeholders is the one usually held before the start of any season. But today it was a very full room because there were two new associations at the table to represent the farmers groups that emerged after the splintering of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association. They are the Corozal Sugar Cane Producers Association and the Progressive Sugar Cane Producers Association. The association representatives along with BSI and government, filled the room at the SICB office in Orange Walk Town while the government appointed Chairman Gabriel Martinez sat at the head of the table with the Minister of Agriculture Gaspar Vega, and Junior Minister Hugo Pott.

Big Bang By Bus On Boom Road
There was a road traffic accident on the Burrel Boom Road about 100 yards from the Belize Central Prison this morning. Fortunately, it was not fatal but it could have been serious because it involved a Ready-Call bus carrying 51 employees, which slammed into a dump truck. Courtney Weatherburne was on the scene. Courtney Weatherburne reporting These black trails of tire marks on the Hattieville road leads you to this morning's road traffic accident. A few minutes after 9, this ready call bus crashed into the rear of this dump-truck, both vehicles ended up splayed across the highway. But the vehicles were not the only things on opposite sides - both drivers had different accounts of the accident as well.

Police On Daly's Death
Last night, we told you how police retrieved the body of 24 year-old Roaring Creek Resident Emerson Daly after he went missing on Sunday night. The well-known handy-man, who is also a talented event planner, was most likely killed elsewhere and then dumped into the river. The officer commanding Belmopan police, Superintendent Howell Gillett discussed the case today: Supt. Howell Gillett - OC, Belmopan Police "The postmortem is saying that he does from an injury to the face, likely from a gunshot wound. More likely a shotgun. We are investigating. We have a few persons in our custody. We continue to investigate, we haven't gotten any concrete motive. I'd like to share if I had with the public, but thus far, we don't have any concrete motive. As we speak, our investigators are out following a few leads. Later on this week we will have some new developments to report to the public and to the media."

Jury Deliberates Into Night
Right now, a jury of 9 women and 3 men are deliberating the fates of accused murderers Cordel Flores and Warren Lewis, who police believed tortured and then killed Alberto Braddick Allen in August 18, 2009. Viewers may remember that it was as very gruesome killing where Allen was taken to a feeder road off mile 4 on the Western Highway. There, his killers then forced him to lay on his stomach, and he was shot in the back. His throat was also slashed, and a piece of stick was then rammed down his throat. 25 year-old Cordel Flores 23 year-old Warren Lewis were charged for the murder, and they have been on trial before Justice Troadio John Gonzalez for the past month and a half. Crown Counsel Sheneiza Smith is THE prosecutor; Lewis is being represented by attorney Oscar Selgado, while Flores is being represented by attorney Alifa Elrington-Hyde.

Port of Belize Concerned About Stevedores Starting Over
Last night, CWU President Audrey Matura-Shepherd addressed the media on the state of her union, the Christian Workers. And the most visible workers group in that union is the Stevedores who have been in a protracted negotiation with the Port of Belize Limited for a new collective bargaining agreement. But the Union threw a curveball at the Port last night when they announced that they had been misled in their years of negotiation under former president Antonio Gonzalez. And because of that the stevedores say they are going back to the start with a completely new proposed collective bargaining agreement. Today we asked the CEO of the Port of Belize how he feels about it. He says it's the first he has heard from the union in 11 months!

Port Of Belize, It's For Sale
And while the stevedores reload their strategy, the Port of Belize is for sale. You probably remember that 3 years ago in January of 2012, the Ashcroft Alliance declared that the port was in receivership - and took it over. Now, three years later, CEO Tux Vasquez is still the receiver - and he says his job is to improve the asset so that it can be sold. Today he discussed with us the investments that have been made and what happens next:... Arturo "Tux" Vasquez, CEO - Port of Belize Limited "We have invested to date about six and a half to seven million dollars and it has been mainly in heavy equipment, infrastructure, in staffing, but the majority has gone in heavy equipment. Port operations are measured by the amount of containers we moved per hour and without proper equipment, you could be very well down to 7-9-10 containers per hour. We have brought that up to 17 containers per hour, sometimes a bit more, but those are averages that are acceptable in moving containers."

Drainage Project Will Force Road Closures
Today the Ministry of Works saying that Newtown Barracks - the streets that leads to the Princess Ramada by the Mexican Institute would be closed for four weeks. It's part of the Ministry of Works Flood Mitigation project, where the Douglas Jones Canal will be extending from Freetown Road, unto Newton Barracks and into the sea. But it turns out, that closing that street off four four weeks would cause chaos with the cruise season. Today we found out about their revised plans:..

Methodist Church Meets in Belize
Members from the Methodist Church both locally and international spent their second day today participating in the 154 Annual District Conference of the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas. Its formal gathering of all the religious leaders within the church to report on the year's activities, highlighting the successes made in the different communities. It's also an opportunity to plan how the Methodist Church will take on different issues affecting the public they serve. This year's conference is being held at the Ebenezer Methodist Church in Belize City, and 7News stopped by to speak with the participants. The President of the Methodist Church in Belize told us that while they are pleased with the work being in the areas of education and growing the membership, there is a lot more that the church wants to do:

A Road To Lazaro
Orange Walk residents travelling Between the San Lazaro and August Pine Ridge will have a smoother drive because 10.5 kilometres of the road has been fixed. It was officially opened with a ceremony led by the EU Delegation to Belize, Ambassador Paola Amadei, and officials from the Ministry of Works. The rehabilitation of this stretch of road was financed by the European Union and the Government of Belize, through funds from the EU's Accompanying Measures for Sugar Program, which is being undertaken in 4 phases. The total cost for the repairs to the road is 4.4 million dollars.

Belize Is For The Birds
Black Vultures, Laughing Gulls, White colored seedeaters and the list goes on. These are some of the species of birds that are spotted during the Belize Audubon Society's Annual Christmas Bird Count. Every year a team is sent to several sites around the country to count and document the different species of birds. It may seem time consuming given that during this exercise the team spends 12 hours counting birds for 3 days. But according to Publicity Coordinator Dirk Francisco, it is pretty easy and you do not need to be a professional bird watcher to participate.

BEL Will Pay Senior Citizens' Light Bills
For the next 12 months, starting with the end of January, BEL will pay the light bills of 225 elderly citizens countrywide. It's one of their social programs for customers in the Golden Citizens category. Who qualified for this program? Well, all winners had to be 65 years or older; holding an active account with the company; in the social rate category; consuming 60 Kilowatts per month. Most importantly, they needed to have registered with the company using their Golden Citizens Social Security Card. Today, 7News got an opportunity to meet 20 of the winners. Here's what the company's customer care Manager told the gathering while they were receiving their awards:

Ras Indio's Magnum Opus
Ras Indio, he's one of the most prolific Belizean reggae artists who's performed at major shows around the world, but he's always keeping an eye on home base, and trying remain relevant in his own country. And so, now, for his fans, he's produced a DVD with all his music videos, along with never before seen footage and unreleased tracks which Indio recorded. He told us today why you should buy the DVD which he calls Visions of Life. The DVD costs $20, and it can be purchased at local music stores around the country. Additionally, it can be purchased online and link to that e-store will be posted on our internet transcript.

Last night we told you about the Government release in response to OCEANA's criticisms about the Draft Petroleum Exploration Zones and Exploration Guidelines. The Ministry's release says quote "OCEANA incorrectly asserted that the Zonation plan and Framework were shared with the NGO community on January 19th, 2015, when in fact this was the Ministry's second attempt to solicit feedback..." END QUOTE. Well, OCEANA says that they did not receive the draft at the first attempt in September 2014 as the Ministry's release says they had. Vice President, Janelle Channona told us today that if OCEANA was in fact contacted or sent the draft in September 2014, they would have definitely responded. She also adds that none of the NGO's recommendations were reflected in the draft.

Where Tourism And Agriculture Intersect
Tourism and agriculture are leading foreign exchange earners in Belize. But where do these two very different sectors meet? According to the OAS, they don't! And that's why today the OAS along with the Inter-American Institute of American States and the Ministry of Natural Resources organized a consultation session at the Biltmore. The discussion was centered on a strategy to advance Belizean products and services through the tourism industry while involving more women and youth in that process. The Ambassador of the OAS, Starret Green further discussed the objectives of today's consultation. Starret Green, Ambassador - OAS "One of the issues that we are trying to understand better is what works and what doesn't work in linking the markets. We know we have a huge tourism industry.

US Fugitive
A wanted American pedophile was picked up in Hopkins by Belize police earlier this week. 54 year old Robert Andrew Ragin, is wanted by U.S. authorities to answer charges on twelve counts on promoting sexual performance by a child. While Ragin was living in Florida, he was found with pornographic videos of minors, and before he could have been arrested, he fled the country to Belize. He will be handed over to the US authorities tomorrow.

Channel 5

Crop Start Date Announced
The 2015 sugar cane crop season will get underway on Monday, January twenty-sixth at ten in the morning. The pronouncement came this afternoon after a lengthy session between all stakeholders [...]

P.U.P. Leader Responds to Barnett Endorsement
On Wednesday, the U.D.P., all hyped up and bursting with enthusiasm, announced the entry of Doctor Carla Barnett into electoral politics. Barnett is no stranger to the public service, and [...]

Fonseca Speaks on Barnett’s Resignation
The U.D.P. has placed great emphasis on Barnett’s integrity in public life, and Prime Minister Barrow has stated publicly that it is perhaps her strongest point. The Prime Minister is [...]

…Says Barrow Will Be Next Opposition Leader
The Prime Minister has jubilantly placed Barnett against Fonseca in a political battle for Freetown, and only time will tell how that plays out. But in the meantime, Barrow is [...]

2 Persons Questioned for Roaring Creek Murder
  Tonight, two persons are being questioned about the murder of twenty-four year old Roaring Creek entrepreneur, Emerson Daly Junior.  While Police are not saying if the men in custody [...]

Ready Call Bus and Truck Collide By Boom Junction
There was a collision this morning between a Ready Call bus transporting fifty-one employees and a dump truck. It happened on the Boom-Hattieville Road when the loaded bus crashed into [...]

P.U.P. Ready for Municipal Elections?
Earlier we showed you P.U.P. Leader Francis Fonseca’s response to the announcement of his opponent in Freetown. He wasn’t too impressed or concerned. Fonseca has other things on his mind [...]

Fonseca Says Belize City Challenging
So what’s the prediction for Belize City? It’s considered a U.D.P. stronghold with the U.D.P. holding on to eight of ten seats. Fonseca acknowledges that it will be a real [...]

Jury Deliberates in Murder Trial
  The trial of Warren Lewis of Lord’s Bank, Ladyville and Cordel Flores of Belize City, who are jointly charged for the August 2009 murder of Albert Allen was summed [...]

Accused Robber Walks Free
In May 2014, a Bowen and Bowen employee was robbed of one thousand five hundred dollars. Today, he requested no further court action against the man he had positively identify [...]

U.D.P. Chairman Caught in Domestic Altercation
  News Five has confirmed that this morning, Chairman of the U.D.P. Alberto August was involved in a broad daylight domestic altercation in Santa Elena. We were told officially that [...]

P.U.P. Says NO to Offshore Drilling
There is increased environmental chatter recently after the Geology and Petroleum Department released its draft petroleum exploration policy. According to the wording on that draft, every part of the Belizean [...]

Audubon and OCEANA on Petroleum Zoning
Earlier this week, we told you about OCEANA’s feedback on the Department of Geology’s Zoning Draft Policy. OCEANA said they were not meaningfully engaged, having only received the draft on [...]

B.E.L.’s Golden Citizen Program in Full Effect
B.E.L.’s Golden Citizens Electricity Bill Pay Award is growing by leaps and bounds. The initiative started with fifty persons two years ago. Today another group of senior citizens will not [...]

$140,000 Up in Smoke in San Pedro
An early morning fire has destroyed a building and equipment valued over one hundred and forty thousand dollars belonging to Grand Colony Resort in San Pedro Town. After two on [...]

One Man Detained for San Pedro Robbery
Another San Pedro hotel took a hit on Wednesday, this time by robbers. According to police, a receptionist of Caribbean Villas reported that around four-thirty on Wednesday, he and two [...]

Stakeholders Focus on Agribusiness Development
Linking Farmers to Tourism…the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture, better known as IICA, is getting more involved in the development of the agro-productive sector in Belize. Today, at the [...]

IICA and O.A.S. Partner in Agribusiness
  Partnering with IICA are the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture and the Organization of American States. Ambassador Starret Green says that while the linkages have already been established [...]

Healthy Living Looks at a New Secret to Perfect Skin
If you follow health or beauty trends, you should have definitely noticed a growing movement that champions common everyday foods as the new secret to better looking skin. To clarify [...]


Thousnds Of Dollars Worth Of Items Goes In Flames In San Pedro
Police in San Pedro Town are preparing to charge a male person in connection to an armed robbery reported. According to the receptionist at Caribbean Villas located on Seagrape Drive, he reported that at about 4:30 p.m. on yesterday’s date, while at his workplace, in the company of his two co-workers, a male person of dark complexion with a rag over his face, entered the establishment armed with a black handgun and pointed it at his head and demanded money. Fearing for his life and in compliance, he took a small cash pan containing petty cash amounting to $785.00, several envelopes containing employees pay amounting to $4000.00 along with his black Apple I-phone 4S, valued at $ 700.00 and a white Apple I-phone 4S cell phone valued at $800.00. The male person then exited the office running to the direction of Seagrape Drive and made good his escape. Police have since detained 26-year-old Agar Miguel Chunchon and have recovered some items as investigations continue.

Dollars Worth Of Items Goes In Flames In San Pedro
Owners of the Grand Colony Resort located on Sea Grape Drive are reeling in from a loss of over one hundred and forty thousand dollars caused by a fire. According to the report, in the wee hours of yesterday’s date, San Pedro Police responded to a 911 call a Carpenter’s workshop burning at the Resort where they saw a green zinc and wooden structure with cement flooring, measuring approximately 30’ x 50’ on fire. Fire Department personnel arrived on the scene at 2:30 a.m. and the scene was declared safe at 5:05 a.m. Preliminary information reveals that upon making routine checks, the security guard noticed smoke coming from inside the building. He then opened the door but the fire inside was already out of control so he immediately alerted the police. The building was completely gutted by flames and all its contents destroyed. According to the general manager, the structure is valued at $75,000.00 and its contents which included various heavy machinery and equipment are valued at $65,100.00 for a grand total of $140,100.00. The building nor its contents were insured and the cause of fire is still uncertain.

When will The Rehabilitation Of San Estevan/Progresso Road Commence?
In 2014, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, in one of his press conferences, said that the rehabilitation of the San Estevan/Progresso Road would see completion by the middle of 2015. So far, no significant work has been seen along the road. It appears that there is still some issues in getting the work started but CEO in the Ministry of Works, Errol Gentle says that communities along the road should see some relief this year. “At a snail’s pace certainly not at my liking at all, it is certainly not advancing as the government would like to and I am certain as the road users here in Orange Walk would like from the inception we had certain problems that we tried to rectified and we are working with the contractor, at this moment we are discussing the way forward but what I can assure you and you can take my word for it I haven’t lied to you before that road will be completed because I can’t give you a when but it will be complete and you will works started that road in fact the last meeting we had with the contractor he assured that he had to gone out there and he had to do some grading again to improve the riding quality of the road but it is in the best interest of the government of Belize, the ministry of works want that work to be completed, the EU is also adamant that will see some progress so you will see progress very shortly and that road will be moved on unfortunately yes we are behind schedule but it will not be abandoned the road will be completed.”

Corozal Police Conducts Service Day Training
As is customary, simulation exercises and training is needed to keep our law enforcers ready for any scenario. And since mind and physical health are needed for the job, once a month officers from across formations throughout Belize engage in intense training. Over 35 police officers from the Corozal formation today gathered at the Ricalde Stadium for an afternoon tune up, well at least that is how Superintendent Andrew Ramirez refers to it. “What happen at a national level, we on Thursdays it is referred as in service days we either lecture our guys in relation to court process, statement taken, and customer care and in today’s session it is what we referred to public order training, it has nothing to be in any panic mode in relation to the cane issue or the election this is a normal measures standard directive, on Thursday is what is referred to in service days and Tuesdays is physical training, what we have here today is basically we have the Deputy Mr. Serrano giving these guys a tune up because as I mention thee training is done at least once a month.”

Corozal Police Investigate Possible Case Of Pedophilia
While authorities in Dangriga are waiting for confirmation to extradite Reagan, officers in Corozal are dealing with a similar case only that this time the individual is not wanted by the US but remains on the loose and according police, he is being sought. The latest incident is said to have occurred in the area of San Andres in the Corozal District and authorities are not taking the complaint lightly. Supt. Andrew Ramirez – Corozal OC “I got a very disturbing information a few hours ago in relation to a white SUV with a tire to the back and apparently the driver is of white Caucasian with American accent, sometime last night between 7 and 8 pm I think it is on the San Andres road, the driver of that vehicle apparently pushed out his hand and shaking up his hand with some monies to a 7 year old female child, obviously the intent to my opinion would be to entice that young lady inside that vehicle, I am asking the resident of Corozal if they have information of that specific type of vehicle; white SUV, with a wheel at the back, white Caucasian, has bumps on his face and more speaks American type accent, if they have any information of that vehicle or that description of that male person to please give us a call.”

Road Improvement Paves Way To More Benefits
At the top of the newscast we told you about today’s inauguration of the San Lazaro to August Pine Ridge Road. The inaugural ceremony saw the participation of several high ranking officials including members of the People’s United Party, Orange Walk Central Area Representative Honorable John Briceno and Orange Walk South Area Representative Honorable Jose Abelardo Mai who told us that the road improvement is of great benefit to the communities in his constituency. Abelardo Mai – Area Representative, O/W South “It’s a formidable undertaking I have to say, have to admit that this is a most needed highway, it runs through the heart of Orange Walk South which is y constituency and it is the life blood, I think it is the main artery in which food leaves Orange Walk South and spread out throughout the country, as you now Orange Walk South is the part of the bread basket of the country, the largest amount of rice is produced, grains in general and of course our valuable sugar cane so this highway is the main artery that then leads to distribute food throughout the country so it is formidable undertaking, it is very important to note too that the highway of this magnitude of this caliber will lead significantly to the reduction in the cost of producing sugar cane as you know transportation is the major cost then we reduce the cost of wear and tear, we reduce the cost of fuel and we reduce the repairs and maintenance of our transportation so it is a formidable undertaking and I think we are happy for having it I must say that.”

Government Dissatisfied With Work On Philip Goldson Highway
While Government officials are satisfied with the work done on the Feeder Roads Rehabilitation Project in Southern Orange Walk, the same cannot be said for the work being carried on the Phillip Goldson Highway that passes through Orange Walk Town. Motorists may have noticed several points along the recently paved mile of the highway have begun to break or sink in, this, only months after its completion. Today, while at the inaugural ceremony of the road in Southern Orange Walk, we spoke with CEO in the Ministry of Works Errol Gentle who said that they are aware of the situation. The CEO adds that they have sent technical officers to conduct a detailed physical inspection of the road, including the section of the San Antonio Road that has been hot mixed under the same contractor, Emer Hernandez.

High Rate Of Children Infected With Stomach flu
Every parent dreads hearing the three words, "My tummy hurts." Immediately, you start imagining the worst-case scenario: Your child is totally wiped out for days with nonstop vomiting and diarrhea; your home becomes a breeding ground for germs; and this virus spreads like wildfire through your entire family. Unfortunately, this is a reality and lately a lot of children have been affected with what doctors are calling gastroenteritis or commonly known as stomach flu. In stomach-virus season, entire classrooms and childcare centers can be taken by storm. And so, in an effort to help protect your family, here is what you need to know about the stomach flu. Doctor Damaris Cruz, stationed at the Presbyterian Medical Clinic in the village of Patachakan explains. Damaris Cruz – Doctor “The symptoms of this virus usually vary from mild to very intense they can be, patient start with nausea and or vomiting both or either just one of them, sometimes they can have abdominal pain, sometimes they have diarrhea, some patient might even have mild headaches or low grade fevers.”

Wanted US Fugitive Captured In Dangriga
Fifty four year old US National Robert Andrew Reagan is currently in police custody in Dangriga after a warrant for his arrest was issued by law enforcement agents from the State of Florida. Reagan was detained in Dangriga on Friday January 16th. Reagan is wanted in the US for 12 counts of promoting sexual performance by a child minor. Reports are that Reagan, who has been living in Hopkins Village in the Stann Creek District for 6 months, was found with pornography videos of minors and before he could have been arrested, he fled the US.

Sugar Impasse Is Over Crop Set To Commence January 26th
Tonight, sugar industry stakeholders are breathing a sigh of relief as the date for the much anticipated start of the 2014/2015 cane crop has been announced. All stakeholders including the three associations (BSCFA, the Corozal Sugar Cane Producers Association and the Progressive Sugar Cane Producers Association), along with Minister of Agriculture Honourable Gaspar Vega, representatives of the Sugar Industry Control Board and members of BSI/ASR, met around the discussion table this afternoon to collectively agree on date for the start of crop. After hours of deliberations, Chairperson of the SICB, Gabriel Martinez, told the congregate that a statement of commitment was signed by all parties involved, signalling the much anticipated commencement of the sugar crop. Gabriel Martinez – Chairperson, Sugar Industry Control Board “As newly constituted by the recent sugar cane act and the parties present here namely the three Associations along with BSI/ASR and our Deputy Prime Minister have agreed that the start of the 2015 sugar cane crop should be on Monday January 26th at 10am. The SCPC wants to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone who has work tirelessly to come to this moment here and we are so happy to be able to pronounce this date as agreed by the stakeholders we wish all the caneros a productive and a blessed sugar crop 2015.”