Belize’s 2nd Annual Harley-Davidson Rally: Bikers Parade in Belize City & Then Party in Caye Caulker
This one, the 2nd annual “Meet in the Middle” Rally, was organized even bigger and better. A whole weekend of parties and revving motorcycles. In Belize. A country where you can probably count the number of Harleys on your fingers and maybe one foot. I arrived in Belize City just as the parade around the city was getting started. This guy waved me over to sit on the back of his bike and I…moved too slowly. DANNNNNGGGGGG IT!

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Riding through the streets of Belize City, Belize

Bike rally in Belize City sponsored by Harley Davidson in Belize and attended by motorcyclist from USA, Canada, Mexico, other Central American countries, and me.