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The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro Cancer Society Lights the Night for Awareness
Hundreds of island residents came out to show support in the fight against cancer at the annual “Light the Night” awareness walk on Wednesday, February 4th. Hosted by the San Pedro Cancer Society (SPCS), the walk is held in commemoration of World Cancer Awareness Day. Supporters gathered at the Central Park shortly after 6:30PM with candles in hand, ready to illuminate the night for a good cause. SPCS President, Miguel Perez, also took the time to address the crowd giving a short briefing on the activities of the organization. “We would like to thank the community for an even greater turnout at this year’s walk. We have seen many of our local businesses group together to show their support. It is our sincerest hope that this display of human concern may encourage others to learn more about cancer and begin to take preventative measures. The San Pedro Cancer Society is really pleased with the community’s response and that alone will fuel us to serve them in 2015,” said Perez.

The VIP introduces three councilor candidates
Also flanking Lopez was Amalio Requeña, better known as “Tua.” As a resident of the San Pedro for the past 14 years, Requeña highlighted the challenges to access land for first time landowners, people getting sick without adequate facilities, garbage mounting everywhere, the lack of decent playground for the children and the growing crime problems on the island. “The people have to make a change, because the PUP and the UDP keep promising and we still haven’t seen any progress,” explained Requeña. Meanwhile, the third person to be introduced was Bill Henkis. A born Sanpedrano and a fisherman by trade, Henkis shared his disheartening view at the changes San Pedro went through at the cost of the environment. “We cannot continue to damage our environment, the very source of our livelihood,” said a passionate Henkis. He explained that while San Mateo is a community built on mangrove swamp land, garbage is not the most environmental friendly way to fill the area. “There is a better way that can cause far less damage to our eco-system,” he outlined.

Silvia Patricia Lopez is the 2015 Reina del Carnaval!
It was a night of beauty and entertainment as five lovely ladies competed for the title of Reina del Carnaval 2015. For the second year in a row, Flora Ancona’s Comparsa group organized the pageant to raise funds for the group’s carnaval activities. 49-year-old Rose Marie Linarez, 51-year-old Silvia Patricia Lopez, 48-year-old Nerie Itzab, 42-year-old Sinia Catalina Cruz and 44-year-old Zeida Alamilla competed in three segments in aimed of taking the crown and the coveted title. The pageant is a relatively new part of the traditional island carnival, but its quickly making its mark by opening the Carnaval celebrations before the Lenten season.2015

Ambergris Today

Can’t Stop the Finger Licking at Estel’s BBQ Competition
“It’s too much pressure being on top, so I am very glad to hand off the title to another great grill chef,” commented Charles. “This is so much fun and I thank all those who came to enjoy a great day by the beach and enjoying the great food prepared by these great guys.”

Tropic Air Launches Codeshare Connection To Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Effective, February 17th, 2015, Tropic Air has entered into a partnership with CM Airlines of Honduras to offer same day travel between Belize City and Tegucigalpa, Honduras via both airlines’ flights to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. This service will eliminate costly overnights when travelling between Belize City and Tegucigalpa, and will serve to stimulate tourism and trade between the two countries. “Today, in partnership with CM Airlines, we are pleased to add Tegucigalpa, Honduras to our route network” says John Greif III, President of Tropic Air. “Our passengers have been asking for this service for some time, and today we are pleased to make it happen”.

Defending BBQ grilling Champ Charles Worthington
Doing his thing at Estel's 4th annual BBQ Competition taking place now!!

Pic of the Week-: Catching A Goliath Grouper in Belize
Back in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize once again for their vacation, Erik Winning and Susan Michnay went out for a fun-filled day of fishing for the first time around the Turneffe Atolls. They, along with a couple friends, had an amazing experience provided to them by Suya Tours. The group was amazed when their guide, Carlos Alejos, managed to catch one HUGE grouper. Below is what Erik had to say about his exciting trip: Erik Winning – “This is a Goliath Grouper that our guide caught while spear fishing, we dropped him and another guy off in the middle of the Caribbean and went snorkeling about an hour and half, later we went looking for them and this is one of the many fish that they speared. When I say looking for them, I mean we were just driving around searching the open sea. Can you say Bad Asses!”

San Pedro High School Kicks off Career Week
San Pedro High School kicked off Career Week, Monday, February 9, by inviting a guest speaker from Kingston, Jamaica to talk to the student body on how to become successful in their future careers. This year’s Career Week theme reads, “Get excited get involved & plan for your future". It is exactly what guest speaker Diana Shaw talked about during her inspiring presentation. School Counselor Mrs. Alexis Guerrero stated that Ms. Shaw is an attorney of law from Kingston Jamaica and now residing in Belize City; she is the chairperson of Child Development Fund Belize and advocates awareness for her work on the publication Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents in Belize.

San Pedro Belize Red Cross Host Successful First AID/CPR Training and Blood Drive
The San Pedro Belize Red Cross (SPBRC) recently appointed Sue Barkhouse and Joann Reilly as co-leaders of the Health Committee. Sue is in charge of quarterly blood drives and Joann will be handling the First Aid/CPR training program and monthly courses. Both Ladies had the opportunity to jump right into their new positions as the San Pedro Red Cross hosted the first events of 2015 in both areas. Sue and Joann did a wonderful job from start to finish and the SPBRC is pleased to have them volunteering in lead positions within the organization.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

BELIZE FISHING REPORT: Week of February 1st – February 7th, 2015
It was a pretty quiet week here at the lodge with only a couple boats going out each day. Congratulations to Marty our most improved caster this week, she came out to the casting clinic 3 days in a row, determined to cast well enough to get her bonefish pin. Sure enough first day she got it! Steve teamed up with Captain Emir and Gordy for the only slam of the week. It was Steve’s last day and after landing 3 permit earlier in his trip he and his guide decided to get up early and get it done. It paid of big time. Leaving the dock at 5:30 they ventured through the dark arriving at a calm channel hoping to see some rolling tarpon. Sure enough a few fish did roll but still no bites...

International Partners Visiting Shipstern
This week for us at CSFI was a very delightful one. We were honored with the visit of Mr. Caspar and the Professors Jaboury Ghazoul and Claude Garcia. This year just like previous ones Mr. Caspar brought us new and creative ideas and filled our staff with joy and good vibes. It was quite a refreshing experience and we would like extend our gratitude to him and the professors .We hope that they had as much of a great time with us as we did with them. For now we say goodbye but we will be waiting for your return with our arms wide open.

Northern Highway paved at Sandhill junction
If your travel bug takes you anywhere around Altun Ha, Maruba or Maskal on the old Northern Highway, note that at the junction from Sandhill, the old northern highway is now paved. Safe travels and enjoy Belize!

Aubrey Matura meets Ashcroft
On February 7, 2015 Robert Tillett posted this picture in the group page Se La vee.... with the caption "the new opposition..." We have monitored this picture and the thread that subsequently exploded with speculation as to Audrey Matura's meeting with, mainly, the infamous Michael Ashcroft. However, out of all the speculation as to why Audrey Matura was meeting with Ashcroft, we did not notice anyone pointing out the fact that if this picture was not taken and exposed on Facebook, the public would have never known that Ashcroft was in Belize. And we are confident that he has not only met with Audrey. We believe that Audrey, intentionally or not, put herself in a situation where her enemies would want to make her look compromised, however, in our view this incident drew the public's attention to the fact that the politically manipulative Ashcroft - puppeteering Belize via the PUDP for decades - is in town...and meeting with influential people.

Commentary: It is high time for these court hearings in Belize to end
By Wellington C. Ramos. It seems as if Mr Michael Ashcroft will not stop pursuing the people and government of Belize for this $33.5 million that he claims he is owed. I have heard our Prime Minister Dean Barrow say over and over again that, in his opinion, the then prime minister, Said Musa, and his attorney general, Francis Fonseca, now the leader of the People's United Party (PUP), acted illegally by approving the loan without the approval of the Belize's National Assembly. Now, it is clear that the Supreme Court judge is in agreement with their line of argument. Knowing them, they will never be satisfied with this judge's ruling because they think that, because they have money, we in Belize must succumb to them. Our country cannot afford to pay this kind of money to anybody. Especially, when most of our people did not benefit from the use of Universal Health Services. Even up to today, the average Belizean citizen cannot afford the cost of the healthcare this institution provides. Also, within the PUP Cabinet at the time there were ministers of government who were opposed to the government paying this money but Said Musa and his attorney general Francis Fonseca went ahead and paid it anyway.

Zoo Education team visits St. John’s Anglican School
City kids seldom have the opportunity to get to know the wildlife which calls Belize home. Their days are marked by urban activities, and this is far away from the magical arena which includes, Tapirs, Jaguars and lots more beguiling beasts. When the Zoo Education team visited St. John’s Anglican School to talk about jaguars recently, Education Officer Johanna did some readings for the students, as well. This is just the start of an innovative Zoo program aimed at taking animal and nature books into schools throughout the country. However, the focus schools will be in urban areas where kids are prone to be affected by negative urban issues. Bringing animal stories into classrooms and igniting the young imagination, is the goal. What a fun and exciting way to learn! Definitely, a very big PAWS UP

Ride to the Reef!
Join us at the steps of the National Assembly on March 15th for a 50 mile ride to BTL park in Belize City. Celebrate our heritage. Protect our future. Belief in the reef!

Belizean Artist of the YEAR -2014- A star studded event
Its going to be Big Big BIG............. Congratulations to all Awardees. If you love BELIZE and Belizean/Caribbean music /Artists this Award & Show has it all. Save the date April 18th at The Alpine Village Center in Torrance Ca. If you live out of State book your Airline Tickets and hotel fast.. It's set to be big big massive LINEUP. Coming all the way from the Bahamas, please join us on April 18th @ The Alpine Village as we give thanks and recognition to the one & only, Mr. Clinton Crawford ( Juni Crawford).

Sexual Abuse against Children is a no no
Press Release - Government of Belize Press Office.

BOLEDO DRAWING for Tuesday, February 10, 2015: 12, FANTASY 5: 36 29 20 37 25 D

Comparsas groups
We are asking all Comparsas group to contact the San Pedro Town Council to confirm their participation in order to be taken into consideration for judging. Deadline: Friday, February 13, 2015. If you have registered, you may disregard this message.

Come out to support the NICH Canoe Team!
Belize Canoe Association 2015 Schedule. The list of races and events below is a tentative schedule for 2015, please be advised that dates can change and events can be canceled.

Channel 7

Roaring Creek Senior Citizen Shot In Head
When we left you last night, it was with the news that a Roaring Creek resident had been killed. Well, it turns out that the victim John Alexander Smith was 61 years old. At around 6:55, he was heading home when he was fatally shot to the left side of his face. His murder has shocked his family and members of the village because he was a well-known handy man - and no considered a threat or a trouble to anyone. So why was he killed? Our news team traveled to Belmopan today for answers. Courtney Weatherburne reporting This is where John Smith slept every night. Right beside his favorite bottle of cologne and colonial cigarettes. But he never got to take his midnight smoke on his mattress last night. Because he was shot and killed about 50 yards away from his green wooden house. His family members were at the house waiting for his return.

Gapi Vs. Monchi In Supreme Court
It made national headlines when the explosive allegation emerged that Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega somehow had a hand in the murder of Ramon Cervantes Sr., father of PUP Standard Bearer Ramon Monchie Cervantes. Vega categorically denied that claim, and now, he's suing Monchie Cervantes for libel in the Supreme Court. Viewers may remember that the Cervantes's family released a phone call from a man claiming to be wanted murder mastermind Manuel Castillo. In that phone call, he accused DPM Vega of organizing a political assassination which ended with Ramon Cervantes Sr. being brutally killed. That phone call, in Spanish, was played on Love FM during a live broadcast of the family's memorial ceremony for the patriarch. Vega immediately released a statement, denied the allegation, and demanded that Monchie Cervantes retract all comments made. He didn't do that and so, Vega instructed his attorney, Rodwell Williams, to commence a libel suit, which had its first hearing today before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin.

Eagan Shot At Again In San Pedro - this Time They Caught Him
Last night at around 8:15, a man was shot in the San Pedrito area of San Pedro Town. 32-year-old Kareem Eagan of was shot to his right foot just above the ankle. Two Hispanic men wearing dark clothing and hooded jackets, ran into the yard of his Apartments building and fired several shots at Eagan who was sitting in room. Police have detained two minors. Police say that this isn't the first time Eagan has been shot at - and they believe it is drug related - the product a beef with a local drug running crew.

A Prospective Purchaser For The Port?
Three weeks ago the CEO of the Port of Belize, Arturo Vasquez told 7News that the Port of Belize is for sale. He explained that it's not being actively shopped around, but as receiver for the Port, he is entertaining offers from prospective buyers. And one local investor emerged. He is Lawrence Ellis, the owner of BML - which up until a month ago was cleaning up the city. Ellis has been seeking financing in Mexico, and today a delegation of investors came from the state of Monterrey. Ellis and one of the would-be financiers told us why he is the right man to own the port of Belize:.. Lawrence Ellis, Interested in Buying Port "We made formal letter of interest to the receiver. We presented our case to them and we are waiting for them to respond to us."

Mexican Investor Interested in Tourism
Ellis was having lunch at Chon Saan Palace with a high-powered group of Mexican investors - led by Luis Carlos Urzua of the Merca Sol Group. His promoters say he is one of the first developers to get into Cancun and Cabo in the 80's and that he currently runs a human resources first which handles payroll for twenty thousand workers. And now he's interested in investing in tourism in Belize. Francisco Turu-eno and Urzua told us what they see in Belize:.. Francisco Turueno, Organizing Mex Investor Group "We have detected that there are several fields that we can cooperate within the two countries, getting entrepreneurs from Mexico and Belize. We feel that right now it's the precise moment to look for opportunities within your country."

Man Claims BTL Gave Away His Idea To Make Someone Else Rich!
Intellectual property rights is something we don't hear too much about in Belize - but it's in the law - and now, one Belizean entrepreneur is claiming BTL, broke it when the company gave away his idea - to make someone else rich! Dale Curtis Swasey claims that he signed a non-disclosure agreement in the form of an Information Exchange Agreement, after which he pitched them the idea of lottery texting as a form of gambling. It was supposed to be seamless and easy for the owner of the lottery game, BTL, and phone users playing the game. He further claims that for almost 2 years he helped BTL develop the platform and mechanism in their network to enable lottery texting, with the understanding that he would be allowed to sell such a lottery game using their service. He says that the company abruptly ended that relationship and a few weeks later, the popular new game show, Mek Mi Rich, emerged with the very same idea that he helped BTL to develop.

Cop Thought He Got Shot; He Was Stoned
Last night at 7:30 news went out that a police officer had been shot in the head. It's an explosive report, but we waited around for confirmation - and were relieved to learn that it was inaccurate. But it was based very loosely on the truth. Here's what happened: Special Constable Jerome Flowers got stoned - not shot - in the head on Pelican Street. But, an x-ray was taken to determine the extent of his injury - which was only a burst head. Police feared that he may have been shot with a pen gun.

The Split Saga Has Another Twist; And The Lazy Lizard Moves On
The last time we told you about the Lazy Lizard Bar, the iconic business located at the Caye Caulker's Split, it was with the news that bar owner Immer Perez won a minor victory against his landlord who was trying to get him evicted from that property. Well, yesterday, he lost his case in the Supreme Court, and he must vacate within a month's time. As we told you the last time, the property owner said he found a buyers, but Perez said that he couldn't because there was a caution on the land. Well, yesterday in court, Naima Barrow, attorney for the landlord, proved to Justice Courtney Abel that a sale has been arranged, and that it is legal and binding. Barrow also proved that she has the money for the sale of the land in escrow while this dispute is being resolved.

Dr. Dionne Departs, Abruptly
BTL's Chief Customer Service officer, Dr. Dionne Miranda resigned abruptly yesterday. Miranda is one of the top five senior managers in the company who reports directly to the Executive Committee - so her sudden departure comes as a surprise. Miranda had been with BTL for the past six years, and received the very senior posting in a corporate re-organization last year. She says she is moving on to her own pursuits and to grow her business. And although that's her story, insiders tell us that she had her differences with Chairman Anwar Barrow. Miranda's last day is Friday.

Pressing The Penner Matter
For months we haven't reported on Elvin Penner - but the passport allegations have not gone away - even thought he was acquitted in Magistrate's Court. The private prosecutors, Geovannie Brackett and Nedal McLaren, have still kept the case going in the background. We've not heard of many Magistrate's Court cases being appealed at the Supreme Court, but attorney for the private prosecutors, Kareem Musa, has convinced Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin to hear the case. Since this case turned on the ruling of the sitting Magistrate, Aretha Ford, Chief Justice Benjamin will have to decide if she took the right interpretation of the law. Here's what Musa had to say about the pending appeal:

An Abundance Of Undersized Conch
Tonight five Belize City men are faced with charges of possession of undersized conch. They were caught by officers of the Fisheries Department late this afternoon with eleven hundred and fifty two undersized conch. Also a container was found in the area with two hundred and fifty conch. The men were detained and the conch are now in the possession on the department. We got to see the undersized catch today:.. Michael Sabal -Supervisor, Fisheries Department "What is happening, due to the increase amount of small seafood products coming in, we have launched a countrywide operation because illegal sea food coming in from the fishermen. So, we have officers at strategic locations and this afternoon we manage to intersect a sailboat as they were delivering at the Northern Fisherman Cooperative, and that's where 5 fishermen were busted with a total of 1,152 undersized conch.

Man Gets 7 Years For Fratricide
54 year-old Jeremiah Pott, a resident of Bermudian Landing, is spending his first night of a 7 year prison sentence after he pleaded guilty to killing his brother. The incident occurred around 11 a.m. on March 21, 2011 at Bermudian Landing. Jeremiah and his brother, Fidencio Pott, went to the house of a friend and they were drinking "red top" extra strong rum when they began to quarrel over a bottle. Fidencio, who was 57 at the time, pulled Jeremiah outside, and that's when Jeremiah pulled a shovel and stuck Fidencio in his head. When Fidencio fell to the ground, Jeremiah didn't stop there, he then stood over his brother and continued to bludgeon him with the shovel. Fidencio Pott succumbed to his injuries 5 days later, and on September 6, 2013, Jeremiah was indicted on a charge of murder. Six months later, the charge was substituted with manslaughter because there was evidence provocation.

A Movement Towards Technology
Performance. Image. Exposure Data: That is the name of the newly launched youth organization. PIEDATA offers youth from Belize as well as the Caribbean - the opportunity to pitch their business ideas and connect with investors in the Caribbean. The two areas of advancement are technology and business. Vice President of the youth development sector of PIEDATA, William Mahler, told us how he and his team plan to realize this advancement. The organization was launched in August of last year. The team will also be traveling to Miami in July for another youth conference.

Channel 5

Gunman Executes Elderly Roaring Creek Man
In Monday’s newscast, we broke the news of the second murder in twenty days in Roaring Creek, just outside Belmopan. The details tonight are that an elderly man, John Smith, [...]

Alleged Drug Peddler Shot in San Pedro
There was another shooting on Monday night. It happened in San Pedro where a well-known alleged drug peddler, was shot to the foot. Kareem Eagan is no stranger to the [...]

Vega/Cervantes Libel Suit Gets Underway
Today was the first day of a case which will draw much national scrutiny. Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega is suing Ramon Cervantes Junior for libel. In November, the Cervantes [...]

B.T.L./MMR Taken To Court
B.T.L. and MMR Belize Limited, the company that owns the game-show Mek Mi Rich, are currently being taken to Court. It’s a highly technical case, but in a nutshell – [...]

Swasey Says ‘Mek Mi Rich’ Was HIS Idea
According to Musa, the non-disclosure agreement between B.T.L. and Swasey specifically says that no information can be shared within two years of the termination of the agreement. The relationship between [...]

Case Due Back in Court March 10th
Curtis Swasey was present today, but declined comment. Still, the case in which he is suing for damages is based primarily on his expectations after more than two years of [...]

Should Marijuana Be Legalized in Belize?
And tonight’s question is: should the use of marijuana be legalized in Belize? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our [...]

N.T.U.C.B. meets with Prime Minister on S.S.B. Director’s Nomination
About a week ago we spoke with the new president of the N.T.U.C.B., Marvin Mora; he told us that they were confident that the Prime Minister would be reasonable in [...]

Internal Rumblings in the B.S.C.F.A.
The Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association, established over fifty-five years ago, has existed as a recognized body representing the interests of eighteen branches. But that was until mid-January when government [...]

An Update on 2015 Sugar Cane Crop
In other developments in the sugar belt…Since opening on January twenty-sixth, the 2014-2015 sugar crop has been off to a slightly rocky start with milling coming to a grinding halt [...]

Mayor Bradley Clarifies $1.3M Legal Fees
Today Mayor Darrell Bradley vigorously defended reports that his Council paid out over one point three million dollars in legal fees between 2013 and 2014. In fact, he took great [...]

Bradley Still Has Eyes on Caribbean Shores
But while vigorously defending himself and the Council, the Mayor was noticeably warmer towards, in his own words, his political brother Santino Castillo. In an interview done with Castillo a [...]

Signs of Life In Memorial Park
There is sign of activity at the Memorial Park, finally. Belizeans probably remember the joyous ceremony well over a year ago when the newly upgraded, multi-million dollar upgraded park was [...]

Mexican Investors in the City
A large contingent of Mexican entrepreneurs is in Belize conducting high level meetings with government officials and local business owners. While conducting meetings, the team is also scouting Belize and [...]

Murder Charge Reduced to Manslaughter
Today, fifty year old Jeremiah Pott pleaded guilty to the charge of manslaughter of his brother, fifty seven year old Fidencio Pott. Jeremiah was sentenced to twelve years in prison, [...]

Belize City Men Freed on Attempted Murder Charge
Two Belize City men, Albert Clother and Tareef Westby, were freed of attempted murder after Samuel Halliday, who is currently incarcerated, decided he wanted no further court action. The matters [...]

Elections Run-up in Orange Walk
There is a total of nine town councils nationwide; the opposition party controls three. Up north, the People’s United Party hopes to retain the Orange Walk Town Council in the [...]

8 Year Old Cancer Patient Needs Your Help
An eight year old Roaring Creek student, Al-Dane Moro, and his mother, Latoya Lennon, are tonight asking for help.  Moro was diagnosed back in August of 2014 with stage three [...]

Veterans Lay Wreath at Memorial Park Monument
Today a visiting delegation of war veterans from the Royal Canadian Legion were in the country to pay respects to Belizean veterans of the World Wars. In a brief ceremony [...]


BSCFA Navigating In Trouble Waters
Last night we told you about the developing story within the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association which was reportedly being registered as a company. Today, officials at the association met with the organization’s attorney Christopher Coye to clear the matter. Chair of the Committee of Management Ezequiel Cansino told the media late this evening that they received the information from their attorney. Today the clarification is that the organization is not being registered, or we should say was not registered as a company but as an association under the companies act. The process however, is reported to be riddled with errors but despite this, the move by what we understand is again a small fraction of the association is of grave concern to the association.

Annual Coca Cola Spelling Competition Kicks Off
The Coca Cola Spelling Bee Competition is back and is on its 21st anniversary. The competition kicked off in Orange Walk Town today with the first zone eliminations held at the Crystal Palace Auditorium. Students were focused this morning as the first rounds were being carried out. As part of the yearly process, contestants were joined by teachers and other schoolmates who cheered them on. The annual competition by now has become a popular part of the yearly activities for almost all primary institutions across the country. Credit Control Manager at Bowen and Bowen Nicholas Pollard Junior, who also doubles as the Manager of the competition, says they now see the full participation of all schools in the country, which includes well over two hundred. Today he told us that they are proud to say that schools have met up to the constant increase in the difficulty of the competition in each year.

Belize Represented At 3rd Central American & Caribbean Capital Project Infrastructure Summit
The 3rd Central American and Caribbean Capital Projects and Infrastructure Summit took place on the 4TH and 5TH of February in Panama City, Panama and Representing Belize was the Executive Director of the Belize Social Investment Fund (BSIF), Mr. William Lamb Jr. The summit saw the gathering of the largest project developers, concessionaires, construction companies, operators, investors and government leaders who discussed opportunities about a wide variety of sectors including: roads & highway networks, canals and ports, airports, railways, mining infrastructure, telecom infrastructure, oil and gas, real state, mass transportation systems, water sanitation and sewage and technology.

Centaur Win Inter Office Five a Side Competition
We have some good fun news to share with our viewers tonight as Centaur’s very own football team has, for the first time, won the inter-office five a side competition over the weekend. The annual event has been played for several years. The competition commenced in October of 2014 and seven companies registered for the competition. The games were played weekly at the People’s Stadium and at the finals held this weekend, the Centaur boys won on a penalty shoot-out, two to three. One of the team members, Ladrick Shepard told us more about the event. “It was quite an excited game, Yazir Campos scored the first goal for Centaru early inside the second half and then Nelson scored the second goal to draw the game we had to go to penalty shootout. One of the twins Nelson missed the penalty and we end up managing to win the tournament in penalty shootouts 3-2, we must congratulate the champions because this is the first time that Centaur won a championship after trying four times.

Producers Of make Me Rich Taken To Court
The producers of the television game show “Mek Mi Rich are tonight in the hot seat as they are being taken to court. Curtis Dale Swasey, a computer programmer and former employee of the Belize Agricultural Health Authority is suing Belize Telemedia Limited and MMR Belize Limited managed by Andre Vega son of Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega under the grounds that in 2012 he developed the concept of lottery texting, whereby a fee is paid to buy numbers via telephone and a live prize draw is conducted.

BSCFA Working On Recovery Stage
And the BSCFA is dealing with the situation at a time when they are still trying to recover from previous missteps. In that regard, Cansino says they are still working on their recovery and are still conducting an inventory of the association’s assets. Ezequiel Cansino – Chair, CoM, BSCFA: “We are evaluating all the vehicles that are in good conditions and that need to repair and how much it would cost and if it is beneficial for us to repair them or for selling them and by doing this we believe that by next week we will be having a complete report on all of this and then we can say in what position the BSCFA will be, right now we are signing the contracts with the employees that were rehired and by Friday we will be finishing with this and by next week we will be having a complete report on how the Association stands.”

Ramon Cervantez Jr, Before the Supreme Court To Face Suit Filed For Defamation Of Character Of DPM
Today the case filed by Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega against P.U.P Orange Walk North Standard Bearer Ramon Monchie Cervantes Junior began Judicial process today at the Belize City Supreme Court. As you might recall the Deputy Prime Minister is suing Cervantes Junior for defamation of character after the Cervantes family released a recording of a phone call allegedly made to them by Manuel Castillo the man believed to be the mastermind behind the murder of Ramon Cervantes Senior who was kidnapped on July 2nd and murdered the following day. During the conversation the man purporting to be Castillo, claimed that Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega was involved in the murder of Cervantes. The DPM refuted those allegations and right after preceded with the lawsuit against Cervantes Junior after his request for a full and unequivocal public retraction was not met by Cervantes Junior. After the case management was held before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin Cervantes Junior and his attorney, Senior Counsel Said Musa, spoke to the press.