Hello Artisan,
here comment of Emerald point (owner of the split)lawyer:

*Naima Barrow, attorney for the landlord, proved to Justice Courtney Abel that a sale has been arranged, and that it is legal and binding. Barrow also proved that she has the money for the sale of the land in escrow while this dispute is being resolved.*

just for people to understand:

there is only a sign agreement between Emerald point and new potential buyers .
money transaction still freeze in the *in trust* bank account of lawyer till all caution and court claim is cleaned up to get good title

the caution still on all building and entire land of the split till court decision
the registered court claim is for couple of millions $$$$$$$ and new potential buyers are now aware of the legal situation

i am sorry Artisan,i do not think new buyers will put any more money to improve properties and facing loosing all investment till the caution and court claim situation is fixed.

the good point for you and all business north part of island:
nothing stop them to now operate Lazy Lizard bar
yes they are aloud to open and operate Lazy Lizard bar but are they still motivate to forward ???????

the SAGA continue...