A couple of years ago, maybe 3 they came out to the medical school in San Pedro and arrested 4 or 5 doctors (or other med. types) who were volunteer teachers at the medical school. They brought them all to Belize City. It was in all the papers and I knew someone who had a connection with one of those who were arrested. I think that saga lasted about 3 days and somehow the school got them work permits on the quick and then they were released. It was very embarrassing for the country; those arrested and the school.

It can happen. Most of my work is really volunteering in my profession as an engineer and is one reason I decided not to go QRP, even after I was accepted. I felt that if I had someone fired or looked at them wrong I would be in a bad position. I'm not comfortable operating like that so PR was a better route to go. Also those of you who know me understand how I feel about reporting my financials via by Belize Bank accounts every year. That is almost more than I can bear. Of course I have to bear myself every year in my own country which is almost unbearable for me. I don't mind paying my share of taxes but is it really necessary to climb up my butt for closer examination. smirk

Formerly from somewhere on a beach in Belize