WOW!!! Time sure flys. I have been...well... Lurking this forum for the past 3 years ever since,my Smarter half, Forest suggested I look into Belize. A friend of hers bought some property in Placencia and raved about the people of Belize and the sheer beauty of her. In Early 2012 I started looking for places to stay in Belize and came across a new resort known as El Secreto. PERFECT!!! Opening in October 2012!!!! We were planning 3 weeks in Dec/Jan of 2012/13. Well I must say Belize was a life changing experience for us. We too fell in love with the whole feel of things.Then BING BANG BOOM!!!!!! We bought 2 lots on tarpon bay and are planning our first trip back since Jan 2013.

Forest and I are both in our early 40's and it has been her dream to own a small boutique home where she can have guests come stay. It all started when she was 3 years old and visited a hotel and had room service for the first time. Lol. She had dreamed of having such a place. How could you possibly not want to respect such dreams. Well with ALOT of hard work, perseverance, and LOVE our dream will finally become reality.

This forum along with MANY others from which I have had to choose has made this whole process for us much easier. And we both thank you and can not wait to meet you all.

If you see us please say hi smile
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Lol. That was Halloween last year.

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This is really us. Lol.

*Please be kind I have not posted a pic yet.(I hope it worked )