The eighth annual ACMB Message Board Challenge!! Challenge fellow message boarders in picking the winners in this year's NCAA Division I men's basketball championship tournament.

Are you ready?? Click the link below.

Once you create an account, you can use the link above to join the group and play. You will need your own unique ID and password. If asked for a group password, it's "martyrules."

Create up to 2 brackets under your name to compete against fellow message-boarders.

Rules for 2015:
First 2 rounds have a bonus scoring system. The seed of the winner is added to the regular point total. Thus, a 12 seed would be worth 13 points in round 1 (1 point for 1st round win plus the seed). This should encourage some interesting picks for the first 2 rounds and make it harder for someone to win it all simply by picking the overall winner.

2008 Winner: klcman
2009 Winner: otteralum
2010 Winner: RonW
2011 Winner: klcman
2012 winner: doug
2013 Winner: ron
2014 Winner: Pugwash

I will have a Belikin -- put it on klcman's tab.