Nasty is putting it lightly. I have worked for an airline for 25 years and it has given me the fortune of being able to travel frequently. So I have traveled to San Pedro more than a dozen times and I love the island and the people whom I have met there. It just seems over the last 2 years or so crime is out of control. Crime being burglaries, stabbings, murder, buried bodies, and I will also include dishonest police and their shake downs. There were more murders there last year than the town I live in which is a suburb of Dallas with 300,000 people. Something has to give. The court system is a failure because no one is ever convicted. I believe police are understaffed but its hard to argue for more troops when every time I have driven by the police station everyone is out front sitting on the vehicles watching traffic go by. These guys should be on routine patrols just as every city's police do. If they are serious about fixing the crime problem the police need to look at themselves and their own operation. I just hope they make some headway soon before tourism is affected. If tourism numbers drop I would bet my last dollar burglaries and robberies will rise.