Hmmmm, well just keep following the road till it looks more like a bike path. Then you will see some tracks heading towards the beach... TAKE THAT TRAIL.
I forget where you come out on the beach, but it's close to the deserted "mission," (?)sorry I can't think of the name. Continue North past captain Morgans, and a few more places. Then as I remember it you would have to stop (lol) in front of a large blue and white house, and hoof it past another house and a restaurant to reach Journeys End or anything further. (aprox 50 feet to JE)
Things may have changed since last May... but I doubt it.
Oh... and since your NOT to take carts that far North, ya didn't hear this from me!
Hope ya have another great trip!
P.S. hey John, any reason why you changed your name? Just curious...