Yes Chris, It is true I do not believe that police abuse will solve the problem. We have made sure that we have a social problem by not trying to expand economic opportunities beyond Tourism, a hard concept I must admit, but, until something is done to expand our economy this problem will exist. Those who think that extreme police presence and hard tactics will succeed only need to look at history to see that it does not work. Everyone must have respect for the police and it must be earned. The head in the sand mentality will not solve the problem. Social programs of which we have none, combined with honest police and courts that dispense justice will. We dont have any of those. Welcome to San Police.
Civil rights abuses have never solved any crimes and never will. I pity those of you who are so willing to give away your rights. At the end of the day you wont have any rights at all. We must follow our constitution which is abused daily. I have lobbied for years for the correct amount of police and structural changes in the force as well as an expended economic program creating non tourism jobs. I started this long before our current epidemic because I could see it coming like a locomotive barreling down the track. What have you done?

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