Chris the point is we have to do some things differently as what we have been doing for years does not work as we can now see. We have one of the highest ration of police to citizens ratio anywhere and additional recruits do not seem to alter the situation in any way. Belize has about 5 police per thousand persons. The US has about 2.3 police per thousand (and the highest incarceration rate in the world)and Canada has about 2 police per thousand. US and Canada have conviction rates of 70% and higher. We have 5 police per thousand and a conviction rate in single digits. To me this indicates a systemic problem. If we had the same per person police ration as the US we could pay them twice as much as we currently do.
I will go so far as to say our law enforcement model is seriously flawed. We have all these disjointed Units and every criminal crisis we make a new unit but none are named, Homicide, Sexual Offenses, Robbery, Crimes Against Children. We need to remodel the police department using a different model than what we have. We need to look at others to see what is working for them. We can not afford to wallow in our own ignorance for much longer.
The crime situation is a reflection of a general moral decay in our society and we must have police that are above reproach and use our money in an efficient way and treat us all with the same respect they wish to receive from us. If you treat a man like an animal he will become one. If you treat him professionally and with respect even though he may be ACCUSSED of a crime he may also learn to have respect for law officers and thus the law they represent.
WE MUST CREATE JOBS. I have had too many young black men on San Pedro come and tell me "Mister Mike, they wont even give us a chance, no one will give us a job and the police pick us up and beat us for nothing." Where does this road lead?