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On Friday, March 27, The San Pedro Town Council staff, Deputy Mayor Gary Greif and Councilors Ruben Gonzalez, Severo Guerrero and Hector "Tito" Alamilla, hit the beach bright and early to help with the clean up of the sargassum that has been invading our shores for almost a year now.

Even some citizens and passers by joined in and helped in raking or forking the sargassum into the wheelbarrows. Thank guys! Great Job!

Cleaning the already rotten sargassum was quite a challenge since it is smelly and heavy. After we had finished cleaning we noticed that there was more sargassum washing ashore; however, we managed a lot by removing the stagnant and rotten sargassum.

The area that the staff and councilors helped clean was from Holiday Hotel to Cholo's Bar.

Kudos to our beach cleaning staff for their daily battle with the sargassum clean up.

We have been battling the sargassum invasion for almost a year now. Many resorts and residents are cleaning up the beaches daily to avoid the rotting of the sargassum sea weed. We created this flyer to help in spreading awareness of the sargassum seaweed situation. Although it has become a problem, all we can do is bare with it and look at the positive side; which is to use it as land fill or even as a fertilizer for our gardens.

We would like to encourage every one to help us with this battle. Unfortunately it is not something we can control but we can definitely give a helping hand in cleaning up the sargassum; especially the stagnant and already rotten sargassum. Have a great weekend!