The garland and the glory - those words have been drummed into the collective national conscious for 87 years - because the Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic is more than a race, it is a cornerstone of nationalism, and, in fact, we claim the cross country more zealously and guard that garland more jealously than the French do the famous tour de France and its yellow jersey. And on Saturday - once again - all that goes on the line when just over a hundred riders compete in the 87th riding of the Cross Country.

In 2013, Belizean Darnell Barrow held on to win, but last year, international rider, Juan Pablo Magallanes took it back for the foreigners.

So, who will win this year? That's what we asked the cyclists when they had a ceremonial ride through the city this evening:

The race starts at 6 a.m., and our news team will be out there from start to finish to update you on Tuesday's newscast.