From Belmopan...

Things are calming down now, more stable. Cloud cover persists but with thin later with some sun patches even.

Normally there are two areas of the general Pacific ITCZ development, one just west of Panama, that throws high level cloud our way from time to time. The other area is much further west, around the Equator, this typically results in a continuous stream of cloud that passes over north Mexico and the southern States. This all moved much nearer to Central America than normal, with the result the brunt of it went over us over the last few days, causing the cool weather and rain. Thankfully clearing all that smoke build up. This is now all clearing and dryer air approaching Belize, see the insert picture.

I expect today will be largely cloudy, but increasing sun later, probably no rain.

Temperatures in Belmopan:
Today is probably going to be Similar, a little warmer than yesterday : Thur, max 27C 81F Last night min 23C 73F ( Coast usually cooler, hills even cooler )