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The San Pedro Sun

Footprints for Peace
The community has united once more to speak out against crime. Residents came out to the Footprints For Peace solidarity walk, a peaceful movement to help bring awareness to the ongoing crime situation in San Pedro. After the walk, participants will commune at Central Park to share testimonies and ideas on how to end violence.

Footprints for Peace March
Those affected by the crime and violence in San Pedro are speaking up. Footprints for Peace hopes these initiatives break the silence on crime by encouraging all island residents to speak up and condemn offenders.

The San Pedro Sun Welcomes Staff Reporter Dion Vansen
The San Pedro Sun welcomes new staff reporter Dion Vansen to its youthful line-up of writing professionals. Vansen is the mastered mind and head writer of Belize’s first Telenovela (soap opera) La Isla Bonita which premiered in San Pedro on September 5, 2014 and has also contributed articles to online magazines. The writing career has also taken him to pen scripts for a weekly radio drama called Punta Fuego, aired on Love FM radio station. Originally from Independence, Stann Creek, Vansen enjoyed writing from a very young age and always dreamed of having a career doing what he loves the most, writing. He attended the University of Belize Belmopan Campus were English and Literature were his favorite subjects. “I have always had a love of writing,” says Vansen. “I once heard a speech from a successful writer where he described the love writers have for their writing profession and what to do to achieve it. I honestly felt it the very minute I walked inside the office of The San Pedro Sun.”

Wine and gourmet food: a glorious match!
For its 30th Wine Event, Wine De Vine and Casa Picasso teamed up for a night of delicious food and top-ranked wines. From the moment the menu and wine list landed in our inbox, it was time to make a plan. Based on my previous experiences at wine dinners, there was possibility of some wine-induced shenanigans. Tamara and I know a little bit about wine, rum, beer, cocktail-induced shenanigans, and so, we were ready for some good FUN!! After a social hour, wherein bubbly was consumed and delectable bites of profiteroles with camembert and shrimp salad on wontons were passed around, we were all directed to the seating area where rows and rows of wineglasses extended as far as the eye could see. Oh my…gulp…or should we say…slurp! The menu listed items like black truffle mousse, foie gras, octopus, sea bass, beef and Kakaw chocolate. Wow, were we in for some excellent dining! Flor was excited to share her wine picks with the crowd, detailing bits of her adventures tasting in Argentina, even throwing a little history in the mix. (Just don’t ask us about it…because, well, there was lots of wine…ALL of which were 90+ points rated!)

13 Police Officers receive training on New Criminal Procedures
13 island officers were part of the first phase of training on the Amendments of the Belize Criminal Code, Police Act and Indictable Procedures Act. The training was held on Wednesday, April 29th and was led by Woman Corporal Shaida Mckenzie who is attached to Crime Investigation Branch Support in Belize City. Not only were the officers educated on the most recent changes to the law, but they also participated in real situation scenarios that officers may be faced with, and they even received training in interviewing skills. Throughout May 2015, each officer attached to the San Pedro Police Department will receive similar training. According to Corporal Mackenzie, the training is being held countrywide to sensitize all officers and to ensure that laws are being upheld. “Apart from the training that they have received, I have also ensured that every single participant has a copy of the new police guidelines. There should be no excuse for them not to have the guidelines,” said Mackenzie. The guidelines dictate proper police behavior and ways to handle criminal incidents.

Poultry Farms in Spanish Lookout suffer major loss after Avian Influenza Breakout
Poultry farms in the Spanish Lookout Community have suffered an estimated $3 million loss after the most recent breakout of Avian Influenza (H5N2). Over 60,000 birds were put down due to the contamination in the last couple of weeks to avoid the selling of infected product to the public. While the loss is very significant and represents a major setback in the farmers’ inventory, the Government of Belize (GOB) does not have plans for subsidizing them. The Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) in conjunction with the Belize Agriculture Health Authority (BAHA), have been motoring the farms since Wednesday, January 14th when the Avian Influenza Type A tested positive in two farms. Since then, testing was required for all product before release for public consumption. The infected samples were initially only poultry from the broiler breeder section of the farm, but as the month progressed, chicken used for direct consumption also started showing signs of infection. Chief Executive Officer of the MOA Jose Alpuche stated that after extensive testing, over 75,000 birds were positive for the virus in 12 farms across Spanish Lookout. “This is a huge loss, out of the birds that tested positive, 60,000 have been put down. This is a clear indication of a loss of $3 million dollars and there are still four more farms left to be purged. Much will need to be done in the coming months to build back inventory and stock in the poultry farms,” said Alpuche.

Tila Maria Sesto brings Cultural Comedy to San Pedro
Comedy at its best was presented on Friday, May 1st at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium, during the first ever Tila Maria Sesto Show. Many island residents came out for the comedy show presented by Proud Mestizo Promotions. The main attraction of the night, Tila Maria Sesto, is an iconic comedian from Merida, Yucatan, Mexico that shows the struggles faced by Yucateca women in modern society. Paired with cold drinks and good food, the night was a huge success. Proud Mestizo Promotions is a private company dedicated to promoting the Mestizo culture in Belize. The aim is to document the experiences and knowledge of the culture before it is lost. The Tila Maria show was the perfect opportunity to teach the modern society about the Mestizo culture while having a fun time.

Eyes on the street is a way to fight crime!
In light of recent activities, the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) has partnered with the San Pedro Business Community to launch an initiative to rid the island of major crime and make the streets a safe place for all. The initiative involves installing surveillance cameras across San Pedro Town to monitor street activities. As such, SPTC is encouraging all business owners to install outdoor cameras at their establishment. Not only will the cameras protect their entrance, it will also give a view of a portion of the street, providing footage that can be used in criminal investigations by the police. Cities across the world utilize street camera footage to assist in the identification and capturing of criminals. Even San Pedro Police have confirmed that camera footage from an establishment on Pescador Drive assisted them in solving one of the most recent murders on the island, which has led to the culprits being charged. For each outdoor camera installed by a business, authorities are given one more eye on the street.

Ambergris Today

San Pedro Central Park Wired for Free Wi-Fi Service
The San Pedro Town Council has outfitted Central Park in downtown San Pedro, Ambergris Caye with equipment to provide free WiFi service to island residents. The ‘WiFi in the Park’ is a project launched between all the municipalities of Belize, along with Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) in order for residents to stay connected and have an enjoyable time at the park. The internet service at the park is in an open access system with no password required to connect. Once you log into the “Welcome to GOB Wi-Fi” network you are required to accept the terms and conditions of the service. The terms include that a.) Guests will be limited to use of the service for 1 hour per day and b.) A maximum of 100 simultaneous users will be able to connect to the wireless network at any given time. The service is coming at no cost to SPTC and will be provided by BTL.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Introduction to Accounting
May 15th, 2015 Price: $20.00 *** Snacks included *** Workshop Location La Inmaculada Credit Union, Orange Walk Upcoming Workshops provided by SBDCBelize. Objectives: Understand and apply the essential numerical skills required for bookkeeping and accounting Understand and explain the relationship between the accounting equation and double-entry system Record transactions in the appropriate ledger accounts using the double-entry system Audience: Entrepreneurs, Bookkeepers, General Public

Education in Belize: Unrealistic Systems of Education
"All our knowledge begins with the senses, proceeds then to the understanding, and ends with reason. There is nothing higher than reason." Immanuel Kant Throughout Belize during the month of May, thousands of teenagers anxiously and excitedly look forward to their high school graduation. After four years of hard work, they will finally be able to "breathe" from under the daily scrutiny of teachers, school administrators, other students, and parents. For many Seniors it's also time to start taking O'level examinations. Unbelievably, as in Colonial times, throughout Belize and most of the British Commonwealth it really is not the total high school education provided and completed, but rather the outcome of O'level examinations (how many subjects are passed) that will determine which high school graduates get what jobs, and who will be admitted to local or British Commonwealth tertiary (post high school) institutions. After their high school graduation, some students who pass enough O'level examinations will qualify to go on to continue higher studies at home or abroad, if they can afford to pay the expensive tuition; some graduates will immediately start to look for and compete for an "increasingly limited" amount of potential full-time or part-time employment in Belize; and unfortunately, some graduates will merely linger around their communities for who-knows-how-long with no idea what they can/should do in life.

"The People of the Mayan Village" Exhibit
Cultural Institute of the Embassy of Mexico in Belize invites everyone for FREE Admission to the "The People of the Mayan Village" Exhibit May 12

Government Responds to PUP Claim Filed in Court
The People’s United Party has filed a claim in the Supreme Court against the Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow, basically, seeking an order to compel the Prime Minister to bring into force the Constitutional Amendment that would see the appointment of a 13th senator. That senator would be chosen by the non-governmental organizations, and would result in taking away the Government's majority in the Senate. In turn, that would mean that the Opposition, with the support of the new 13th Senator and others, would be able to frustrate Government's legislative agenda and delay or completely derail (even urgent) Bills. The Government sees this claim as another desperate attempt by a political party that has been repeatedly and roundly rejected at the polls, including as recently as January and March of this year, to thwart the will of the people and try to gain power other than by way of the ballot. Spectacularly unsuccessful in elections, the PUP is seeking redemption through flimsy legal maneuvers and empty posturing. Government points out that a similar claim was brought before by COLA back in 2010. The Judge dismissed the case in its entirety reaffirming that the Prime Minister has wide discretion, when given that authority by Parliament as in this case, in deciding when to bring legislation into force. Section 23 of the Act the PUP is now litigating clearly states: “This Act shall come into force on a day to be appointed by the Prime Minister by order published in the Gazette.”

Requiem for a fallen soldier
News of the death of former mayor of Belize City David Fonseca came as a shock to not the citizens whom he served for almost two decades in Belize City; but to the entire country and indeed, many in the international diplomatic corp. To say that David Fonseca was a “well-liked politician” would be understating things quite a bit. Born William Henry David Fonseca, the man who was known to many as simply “David” served as mayor of Belize’s largest municipality for a record sixteen years. He was the first mayor to be directly elected and oversaw significant transformation in how the city is governed. Under his watch, the city got its first City Manager, its first Financial Manager and its first Traffic Department. He oversaw significant developments and application in the area of sanitation and left Belize City cleaner and more modern than ever. Unfortunately, David Fonseca was caught up in the political upheaval of 2004/2005 and left City Hall in 2006 under a cloud of controversy. Shortly after the municipal elections of 2006 that saw David losing after winning a record three terms, in- coming Mayor Zenaida Moya embarked on a smear campaign and proceeded to dig up anything that she could find to tarnish her predecessor’s name and legacy. She expended much effort in trying to convince then Director of Public Prosecutions Kirk Anderson to charge David Fonseca for anything that he possibly could.

Belize Offshore Oil Plan Sparks Worries for Reefs, Fisheries
Belize is considering new offshore drilling regulations that could open up nearly the entire coast to exploration and exploitation, environmental groups have warned, calling it a threat to vital reefs, fisheries and tourism concerns. The proposal recently made public by the Ministry of Energy would even allow drilling in the vicinity of the Great Blue Hole, a world-famous diving destination that can be seen from space and looks just like what its name suggests, the U.S.-based activist group Oceana said. "They've declared open-season on almost 99 percent of Belize's marine area," Janelle Chanona, Oceana's vice president for the Central American nation, said by phone from the capital, Belmopan. "That includes seven World Heritage sites, that includes marine protected areas ... and it is unacceptable." The proposal is still in the draft stage. Government officials did not respond to requests for comment Thursday, but have said previously that they are considering possible modifications including feedback from groups like Oceana. Belize currently has a moratorium on offshore drilling. Environmental experts say even a small oil spill could jeopardize the powdery-white-sand cays and turquoise waters that make tourism the Central American country's leading source of foreign income, responsible for up to 25 percent of its GDP.

Tortilla (flour) Belizean Style
try this flour tortilla recipe tonite

BOLEDO DRAWING for Thursday, May 7, 2015: 25. FANTASY 5: 22 36 24 12 16 N

Cayo Mother's Day Extravaganza
The Mother's Day Extravaganza will be at the Cayo Welcome Center Friday, May 8th. There will be food, drinks, music, and fun for mothers, and everyone. "Happy Mothers Day from the Management & Staff of the Cayo Welcome Center. Remember tomorrow is the Full Moon Mothers Day Extravaganza 2015. This event is brought to you through the San Ignacio/Santa Elena Town Council, Cayo Welcome Center and the San Ignacio/Santa Elena House of Culture. Happy Mothers Day from Mayor Earl Trapp Jr.!!!"

National Institute of Culture and History offices relocated
Please be advised that the National Institute of Culture and History offices housed at the House of Culture, Old Government House on Regent Street in Belize City, including the office of Ms. Diane C. Haylock, president of NICH, has been relocated to the upstairs of the Bishop Sylvester Memorial Building at the Cor. of Regent Street and Rectory Lane. The new telephone lines are 227-0811 or 227-0518. The Film and Media Arts Unit/Belize Film Commission and the Communication Officer, Ms. Shari Williams have also been relocated to this address. All email contacts remain the same. We apologize for any inconveniences caused and remain committed to the preservation and promotion of culture in all its diversity.

Clearing Land? Trimming Trees? Look out for nesting birds!
Fabulous donation from Belize Ag report. Thanks Beth! Please share with everyone - it's cutting and burning season in Belize, just at the wrong time for the birds

Channel 7

Hon. Gapi Shows Up For Slander Lawsuit
Deputy PM Gaspar Vega is suing his political opponent - slash - accuser Ramon Cervantez Jr for libel - but as we told you earlier this week he doesn't want to have to appear in court for all the adjournments. But he did appear today for a case management conference - and it was agreed that at the next court date, the lawsuit against his political opponent, Ramon Cervantes Jr., will have its full day of arguments. That's the outcome of today's case management conference. That will be on July 23 and 24, when Vega's attorney will argue why the phone call released by Ramon Cervantes accusing Vega of a murder conspiracy was slanderous. So that will play out in 10 weeks - and Vega will have to be in court - which he says he has no problem with because he and his attorney say that the other side gave us the wrong impression about his willingness to appear: Daniel Ortiz "Can we ask you about what's the outcome of this morning's hearing?" Hon. Gaspar Vega "We will be having the case on the 23rd and 24th July."

MIT Seize Guns With Suspected GSG Ownership
Tonight, police are in possession of a cache of high-powered weapons which may be connected to one of the biggest gangs in Belize City. The Mobile Interdiction Team received intelligence yesterday that the weapons were being stashed in Hattieville Village. So, they teamed up with the K-9 Unit to conduct a huge sweep of the area. They started at around 3:30 yesterday afternoon, and about 6 hours later they found 4 guns in an abandoned lot on the Dalla Bank Road. The stash includes two AK 47 assault rifles with the serial numbers filed off, two AK 47 magazines. Additionally, they found a 9 millimeter pistol with a magazine which was loaded with twelve live rounds. And they also found a.38 special revolver with the serial number filed off. It was loaded with 9 live rounds.

Accused of Patricide, Ryan Jones Gets Free
Viewers may remember Hensleigh Jones, better known as "Ryan" - who was accused of killing his own father, Nick Jones on New Year's day. Well tonight, he's at home free after 1 year and 5 months in jail because the Magistrate in Corozal threw the charge out of court. Strictly speaking, he hasn't been acquitted, and the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions can direct police to re-lay the charge against him, but after he was arraigned and remanded, no evidence was put forward in the form of disclosure. That was the status for the first 5 months and his attorney, Michael Peyrefitte, submitted to the court that his client ought to be released from prison because the police have no evidence against him. The Magistrate gave the prosecution more time, and at the 1 year mark, Peyrefitte redoubled his efforts, since yet again, the prosecution couldn't produce any evidence or files against Jones.

Robbery At New Asia Ends With Security Guard Injured
Tonight, Security Guard Victor Hendy, a resident of Guadalupe Street, is at the KHMH recovering from a gunshot wound after robbers made an attempt on New Asia Restaurant the popular and long standing Chinese restaurant on Vernon Street. It happened at about 8:50 p.m. when 2 men barged into the restaurant armed with a gun and went up to the cash register. They began demanding money from the proprietor, but she shouted for the security Guard. Apparently, the spooked the robbers ran off, and on their way out, they noticed that Hendy was on the phone. He was trying to call 911 to report the crime. The man armed with the gun fired a shot which struck Hendy in the neck, and that gave the men time to run into Mosul Street. He was rushed to the KHMH and police report that he is in a stable condition. Police are looking for one man.

Rt. Hon. Musa Won't Retire Anytime Soon
Just over 2 weeks ago, we told you about the discussion within the PUP that elder statesman Said Musa should seriously consider retirement. The talk within the party is that the 71 year-old's baggage may be affecting the Opposition's image to independent voters. His Party Leader, Francis Fonseca, made it clear that he wa sin no rush to send Musa on his way. So what about the man himself? Well, we put the question directly to him today, and here's his response: Daniel Ortiz "Is that something that you've considered?" Rt. Hon. Said Musa, Area Rep. - Fort George "Of course I've considered it, but I will not be guided by what my opposition wants me to do. So, the more Mr. Barrow calls on me, or comments about my age, I need to remind him that I am not the one who have to walk with a walking stick, okay."

Fire On Aloe Vera; Arson or A Product of Faulty Wiring Due to Electricity Theft?
Tonight, a family of 5 is homeless after their house on Aloe Vera Street Extension burnt down before midday. But that terrible misfortune is just the beginning of the story. It's complicated because the homeowners suspect that one of their neighbors burnt their home down. Those neighbors say that the fire victims were stealing electricity - and that's what caused the blaze. So, what do the authorities think? We'll our news team tried to get some answers today. Daniel Ortiz reports: Orin Smith - Station Officer, National Fire Services "At approximately 11:50 am the National Fire Services received and had responded to a call of a structural fire at a number 6 Aloe Vera Street Extension Belize City address. On arrival on scene, a plycem structure was seen engulfed in flames. Following a brief size up, firefighting commenced, the fire was later brought under control and extinguished."

BNTU Says PM Misspoke On Labor Movement's Involvement With Petrocaribe Spending seems that whoever you talk to about this divisive issue, it's either the country's saving grace, or a downfall foretold. Well, at the last press conference held by Prime Minister Dean Barrow, he made comments to the effect that the teachers and public officers, who don't agree with the Petrocaribe Loans Act, have benefitted from the funds indirectly. He said that this windfall has allowed the Government to afford their 10% salary increase over two years. He added that the executive members of the labour movement are also participating in petrocaribe programs, such as the National Bank. So, is the BNTU a petrocaribe partner? Or, put differently, are they complicit? We got a chance to speak with National President about it today, and he told us that he wanted to set the Prime Minister straight. He said that the PM is misleading the public: Luke Palacio, President, Belize National Teachers Union "The Prime Minister has once again tried to mislead this nation. When the matter of the salary adjustment was discussed, negotiated and agreed upon, a formula was given. We were criticized for accepting that formula.

Will The BNTU Join The Opposition On 13th Senator Lawsuit?
So, what's the BNTU's reaction to the lawsuit filed by Leader of the Opposition yesterday? As we told you, He will take the Prime Minister to court to try to force him to bring the Constitutional Amendment into effect which allows for a 13th Senator to be appointed by the NGO community. The Prime Minister's position for refusing to do it after 5 years is that it will cause legislative paralysis, which the Opposition condemns as an excuse which holds no weight. They say that the constitution provides an avenue to the Government majority to bypass the veto power of the Senate on money bills needed to run the country. They go even further to suggest that the Government is avoiding legitimate attempts at transparency. The BNTU recently went on a country wide tour for the "Teachers Gat Yu Back" campaign on national issues. One of those issues is that 13th senator, so will the BNTU align itself with the Opposition in this lawsuit? Well, the President told us today that it is not so simple:

How Many Storms This Hurricane Season
What are the predictions for this year's hurricane season? Well, according to the Meteorology Department it will be somewhat similar to last year - a below average season with 7 to 11 named systems, 12 being what we usually have. We spoke with Chief Meteorologist, Dennis Gonguez today and he told us that although there are no major threats at this point, preparedness is key. Dennis Gonguez, Chief Met Officer "The outlook for the 2015 hurricane season indicates that we can expect below normal activity. The forecast between 7 to 11 name systems, between 3 to 5 of those becoming hurricanes and major hurricanes between 1 to 2. The average is 12 name systems, 6 hurricanes and 2 major hurricanes. So we can see that the forecast are for well below average activity. This is caused by the cause of the development of a moderate El Nino in the Pacific Ocean which puts a damper on our hurricane season this side. And in addition we are looking at lower sea surface temperatures over the Atlantic basin/Atlantic Ocean. So we're looking at a season that would be well below average. However, I must caution that these numbers do not indicate where the systems will make land fall. So we have to stress on the importance of being prepared."

Cleyon Still Needs Your Help To Fight Leukemia
We have been reporting on the condition of 11 year old Cleyon Marage from the time he was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia last year. This type of leukemia attacks the bone marrow and produces cancerous cells. It has been a long and debilitating process for Cleyon and for his mother who has to come up with the money to pay for his monthly doctor visits and treatment. While little Cleyon is doing well, his mother has fallen short of the funds to pay for his final 9 months of treatment. Clovis Matura came to our studios today to tell you how you can help save her son. Clovis Matura, Mother "Cleyon has been doing excellent. He goes to Merida every three weeks for chemotherapy treatment. He's still in remission so we just need to keep taking him for 9 more months. He's already done 9 treatments and then he should be okay by then. It has been difficult because the funds are not really available that we need. So we constantly need to try to raise money by asking donations from the public and doing fundraising. When he comes back he gets symptoms from the chemo, so we need to deal with that. Sometimes he's back and forth to the hospital. I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped us in the past. I want to ask them to continue to support us and donate so that he can continue to get his treatment and save his life."

PUP Goes After Tracy Taegar P
The UDP will endorse Tracy Taegar-Panton as its candidate for the Albert division tomorrow evening at the House of Culture. And while no less than Party Leader Dean Barrow is expected to be there to consummate her so- far- unopposed ascent, her ride got suddenly rocky today when the PUP threw a political stink bomb her way. They say Taegar Panton led to a BTB employee being fired because she balked at renting a building from Taegar-Panton's mother for the BTB. Here's how it goes: In 2013, Jonelle Hemmans was in charge of a European Union funded tourism project. She says the then Director, who was Laura Esquivel Frampton - allegedly told her that a decision had been made to rent the building owned by the Taegar family on Regent Street. Hemmans opposed it citing EU project guidelines it would have been a conflict of interest to rent a building from the CEO's mother.

Art And It's Everyday Expression
Culture Uncovered is the theme of the Image factory's new art Exhibit and this morning we got an opportunity to meet the very creative and enthusiastic bunch. WE found out what the art exhibit had to offer and why this one is 'unique. The exhibit opens to the public tomorrow night at 6 at the IMAGE Factory.

Community Camera Initiative In San Pedro
A week ago when we spoke to the Minister of National Security John Saldivar about the recent spike in crime in the city, he told us that there will be a boost in police patrols especially in the hot spots. But one local businessman has another solution that he is implementing on San Pedro and says it can be brought to the city. Businessman and Attorney Steve Perrera has launched a "Community Camera Initiative" on San Pedro and he told us today how this initiative can reduce crime on the island and assist police in capturing criminals. Perrera has donated 2 surveillance cameras to the San Pedro Mayor's office and he has installed cameras outside two of his businesses. Perrera says he has started the initiative with this move and hopes other businesses follow through. So far about 28 stores have already installed the cameras outside. Another important element is the sign which should be put up beneath the cameras. If your business has not gotten a sign as yet you can call Perrera at6104444 or email him at

BNTU Discusses Dismissed Teacher Puc
Earlier we showed you some of our interview with the President of the teacher's union. Today, we also took the opportunity to ask the President about the former Mopan Technical Teacher, Elito Puc, who was terminated by the Teaching Services Commission after some graphic evidence emerged showing that he was trying to prey on a male student. The Minister of Education told us yesterday that his licenses have been revoked, he's been dismissed, and steps are being taken to make sure that he never teaches in Belize again. We also asked the BNTU President, whose union sits on the board of the Commission, about that decision to terminate that teacher. He told us that from the evidence, the appropriate action was taken: Luke Palacio, President, Belize National Teachers Union "The union, we do sit on the Teaching Service Commission. That is the body that is authorized to deal with the disciplining of teachers. There is a process that had to be followed, it called the "due process." The board of that institution made their complaints to the Teaching Commission. The commission met, they deliberated and determined that yes, the procedures were followed and all indications are that those offences were committed.

The Passing Of A Trade Union Giant
Tonight, the Belize National Teachers Union notes the passing of one of it's members, Eloisa Trujeque. She had a long and distinguished career as an educator and a trade union stalwart. She has been with the BNTU from its inception since the 1970's, and up until her passing yesterday, she was still a serving member. Today, the National President told us that she will be sorely missed: Trujeque was also a former PUP candidate, and the party released a statement this evening saying, quote, "We in the PUP will… miss her tireless love and commitment for her Party..." At the time of her passing she served on the National Executive of the PUP in the capacity of Chair of the Order of Distinguished Service.

William Nicodemus Arthur Lewis Jr. - quite a name right? Well it fits his strong and resilient character perfectly. Tonight's profile is on Lewis Jr. and it focuses on this young man's struggle to provide for his mother after his father died 2 years ago and how he was able to find solace in his step father.

Meningitis Case Found At Stella Maris
Health authorities are investigating a fatal case of Meningitis in the city. Yesterday a 5 year old female student from Stella Maris School died two days after being admitted to the KHMH. Preliminary testing points to bacterial meningitis being the cause of death. But nothing will be confirmed until the post mortem is conducted tomorrow. A health team visited the school and met with parents and teachers today and told them that there is no cause for alarm. At this point there has been no other case at the school or any other in the city. We'll keep following the story.

Channel 5

Terminated Employee Wins Lawsuit Against the B.T.B.
This Friday, a convention takes place in the Albert Division for the endorsement of Tourism C.E.O., Tracy Taegar-Panton as standard bearer for the U.D.P. Panton is to replace Minister of [...]

Trial Date Set in Vega Libel Case
In other news on the U.D.P…, Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega and Ramon Cervantes Jr., the man who will contest him in Orange Walk North were in court. The DPM [...]

Musa Says He Is Considering Retirement
There was another issue which Musa addressed when he exited the CJ’s Chambers. Rumours about very drastic changes within the executive structure of the People’s United Party have been making [...]

Fire Engulfs Home in Belize City
A fire gutted a small house on Aloe Vera Street in Belize City just before noon today. The homeowner was not at home when she heard the dreadful news that [...]

MOH Investigates Death of Student
A young girl died on Tuesday at the K.H.M.H., and it has resulted in a minor panic at the school she attended. Five year old Stella Maris student Veronica Cal [...]

Security Guard Shot in the Neck
An on-duty security guard of Guadalupe Street in Belize City is tonight recovering from a gunshot to the neck. Thirty-one year old Victor Hendy was shot as he stood watch [...]

Burrell Boom Resident Remanded for Sexual Assault
A Burrell Boom resident was to get married this weekend, but instead he will be behind bars for Sexual Assault upon a Child. This morning, twenty-one year old  Jamel Seguro [...]

Busted Sneaking weed Into Belize Central Prison
But a twenty-one year old domestic of Santa Elena, Cayo District secured a five hundred dollar bail after she was allegedly caught by prison officials in possession of seventeen grams [...]

Police Seek One Man for OW Murder
Eighteen-year-old Derrick Romero was shot and killed inside his yard by a lone gunman on Wednesday morning.  He was shot multiple times when his attacker got off a bicycle, jumped [...]

Cleanup in Port Loyola
A neglected street in the Port Loyola area got a much needed facelift this morning. Residents of the area joined P.U.P. standard bearer, Gilroy Usher Senior, in carrying out the [...]

G.O.B. Issues Release On Caye Caulker Lands
On April twenty-third, a retired English couple came forward in the media to vent their frustration with an ongoing land issue on northern Caye Caulker.  The Higgins, Sydney and Anna, [...]

Culture Uncovered at the Image Factory
Culture Uncovered is a mash-up of various mediums of visual art, a collection curated by Kenisha Gooding.  Gooding is a fresh face in art circles across the city, participating in [...]

Healthy Living Looks at Lupus
May is Lupus Awareness Month. As a part of the commemoration people living with lupus, or ‘luppies’ as they are called, are trying to educate the wider public about this [...]