San Pedro House of Culture’s newest exhibit: Coconutz

The San Pedro House of Culture (SPHC) continues to promote the rich history of the island and the importance of arts to the local economy. As such, SPHC opened a new exhibit on Thursday, May 21st, and it’s all about coconuts. Titled ‘Coconutz’, the exhibit coincided with International Museum Day and features crafts by local artisans made entirely of coconut products. SPHC hopes to promote coconuts as a sustainable resource by creating a variety of arts and craft that can be sold to generate income.

The opening event kicked off at 7PM with SPHC Administrator, Guillermo “Mito” Paz welcoming those in attendance. “San Pedro was dotted with coconut farms. As we transitioned from a village into a town, the coconut farms started being replaced with development. Still, a variety of coconut trees thrive across Ambergris Caye and we have learnt to use every part of the product,” said Paz.

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