Good Day to all!

We can all agree slow season has hit hard these past weeks or month on the whole island.
It has surely affected every single one here. In my case it has hit my mom and step dad.
They are both unemployed and seeking a place with a nice atmosphere as an employment.

Skills include:
- Babysitting
- Laundry
- Cooking (Her Specialty)
- Housekeeping

- General Maintenance
- A/C & Fridge Fixtures
- Sea Weed Removal
- Landscaping
- Painting

As a couple they are willing to relocate anywhere on the island as caretakers.
If it's part-time, it doesn't matter. If it's full time, well that's even better.

If there is anything available, kindly contact me at 605-5974 or my mom directly at
623-1399 and an interview can be set upon request.

Thanks in advance,
Rajiv Novelo