So far I have only sent a T.V. to the island. A current thread talks about mailing "stuff" to one of the Cayes. If I wanted to send some sheets and pillow cases down ( as an example); what is the process and how is the duty figured.

I'm really interested in the DUTY. Let's say the sheets were washed and used once or twice ( therefore used)... For my example, 2 Queen sets purchased at Costco at $39.00 each set. The set contains 2 sheets and two pillow cases.. So... $80.00 is now used... 4 sheets and 4 pillow cases..I'm assuming I can just mail the package... Do I put the value on a form if I mail it from the post office? If so; what is the suggested statement.... Something like "used bed linen... $15.00 value"

I know that the cost of shipping is a factor also BUT; I'm specifically interested in the "how to declare".

Thanks in advance.

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