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Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture and the Solid Waste Management Authority hosted the inauguration of the San Pedro Transfer Station located on the Marina Drive by the D.F.C. Area.

After the invocation given by Pastor Clive Welsh, Mayor Daniel Guerrero welcomed everyone to the inagural event where he expressed his gratitude for the realisation of the project and shared briefly the evolution of waste disposal in San Pedro Town.

Following the Mayor's address, Deputy Mayor Gary Greif approached the podium and stated that the completion of this project will be one that will benefit the island, especially for the tourism industry as people flying over the island will no longer see the plume of smoke from the burning garbage from the dump site.

Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr., Minister of Tourism, Culture & Civil Aviation, also shared how the evolution of garbage disposal in San Pedro has moved on so rapidly due to the rapid growth and development of the island. He remembers how the area where he currently resides was once a garbage disposal site when San Pedro was a fishing village.

Following the Hon. Heredia's remarks, Minister of Natural Resources & Agriculture and Deputy Prime Minister of Belize, Hon. Gaspar Vega, gave the keynote address. Hon. Vega mentioned that the San Pedro transfer station was a long time coming and is glad to see the completion of the transfer station. He and his team have been working very hard in order for the completion of all transfer stations, and now that San Pedro's transfer station is now complete, they shall proceed on the construction of the Caye Caulker Transfer Station.

Giving the vote of thanks was Chairman of the BSWMA, Mr. Nolan Michael who gave his heartfelt thank you to the team that made the project a reality- from the conceptual designers, architects, engineers to the construction workers and everyone who was a part of it. He also thanked everyone for attending the event which was a momentuous occasion for San Pedro Town.


The transfer station is a processing site where the garbage (solid waste) will be temporarily deposited, and sorted before being transferred to a larger waste disposal site.

How does it work?

1. Collecting vehicles (garbage trucks and self-haul vehicles like pickup trucks or dump trucks take the waste to the Transfer Station where it is dumped on a concrete floor inside. This concrete floor area is known as the "tipping" floor.

2. Recyclable materials such as PET bottles (soft drink and water bottles), HDPE bottles (bleach bottles), glass bottles, aluminum and steel cans are sorted by hand and removed from the facility.

3. The leftover waste is then lifted by a front end loader into large-capacity transfer trailers and hailed to the Regional anitary Landfill.