The iconic Belizean softball player and pitcher of the 1970's Belizean softball Hall of Fame, Linda Lewis, comes to Belizean Legends after a long overdue but worth the while wait. Her outspoken and passionate spirit of an athlete with a long line of accolades that speaks for itself, is serenaded on this exclusive feature.

After almost 30 years away from Belize, the 1974 softball Gold Medalist reflects on the moment of victory when Belizean women won the first gold medal for Belize in sports. The period of triumph has become a nationalistic symbol for Belizeans at home and abroad, and is the most celebrated and told story of the greatness of the Belizean people.

Lewis's in-depth analysis of Belizean women in sports is compelling. It tells of how a high degree of discipline and hard work exemplified by a cadre of Belizean women of the 1960's and 70's appears to be almost dissipating in today's Belizean generation but with a glimpse of hope. Most of all, her incredible story reveals that softball for those Belizean women of her time was responsible for a tremendous degree of success that had built productive careers and professionalism.

Rank as one of Belize's most outstanding softball pitchers from the 1970's, the full time pharmacist and Belizean, spends most of her time in the United States building a successful business of her own as a testament of what sports has done for her in Belize after her migration to the U.S.

A must view discussion with Belizean Legends's host Bilal Morris that chronicles the former athlete's life, passion to become a great pitcher, the people who she looked up to, her parents, coaches, teammates, and the work she put into her own self to compete with excellence and to win.