Great article with good photos on Caye Caulker from

Under most circumstances, we probably would have just taken a boat over to Caye Caulker. But as we were dropping my mom off at the airport anyway, we decided to just hop a quick, fifteen minute Maya Island Air flight instead. The whole experience was hilarious, from the strict “no lobsters through the x-ray” sign at the gate to the security guard who chastised my sister for having liquid bug spray in her carry-on, but let her keep it anyway because, “[she’s] gonna need it.”

We’d barely started selfie-ing in the plane when we touched down at the hustling, bustling Caye Caulker Airport, which I think anyone would agree rivals LAX and JFK in terms of the traffic situation.

Thankfully, we didn’t have to fight anyone in the madhouse of a taxi line — our chauffeur was awaiting us with the engine running!

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